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June 16, 2007

Mercs up the ante in Iraq

The Washington Post takes another look at the private military contractors operating largely outside the law in Iraq.


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What with the "insurgents" or whoever we are fighting, blowing up bridges left and right, and the road ambush techniques getting better all the time, the convoy guys' work will only get more and more difficult.

Turkey's indicating they may set up a buffer zone within Iraqi territory. Shantytowns with internally displaced Iraqis are springing up. We've got a renewed cycle of retaliatory mosque bombings. Remember the Iraqi Olympic martial arts team that disappeared a year or so back? They've just been found - dead. Meanwhile the Sec. of Defense flies to Iraq to meet the generals and discuss what? How, what with a megalomaniac C in C who dismisses any suggestion of retreat, the American situation in Baghdad looks more like that of Gen. Paulus’ 6th Army in Stalingrad all the time?

The madness is drifting into the realm in which ordinary journalism, the recitation of facts and statistics, no longer suffices to describe a reality that has become unreal. Someone is going to have to make a movie like Apocalypse Now to capture the sheer fucking craziness. Werner Herzog might perhaps make a desert version of Aguirre: The Wrath of God, ending with a Dubyalike fruitcake stumbling around the floating wreckage of an aircraft carrier in his filthy flight suit, barking orders at monkeys, with the tattered remains of the “mission accomplished” banner flapping behind him.

All these mercenaries can't be a good thing for the future of this country. Perhaps our military could do a bit more recruiting amongst the Goth and the Vandal populations.

Re: Cass
It really does seem like a lot of the policies in recent years have been based on the idea of "Well, the Romans transformed from a Republic to an Empire. How can we do exactly the same thing?"

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