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June 04, 2007


Sunrise, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Don't they look peaceful?


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How sweet and peaceful looking, they're both so cherubic. People look so harmless when they're sleeping, then they wake up and all hell breaks loose.

The guy looks a bit like the singer from green day did when he was younger.

Did you lean over your brother and his girlfriend while they were asleep, or what?

I like it when people are photographed in this pose with the person in the back in a black shirt, because then it's easy for any novice to use the MSPaint brush tool in red and black to make it look like that person just took a bite out of the other person's head, like a cookie. It works great for women carrying babies.

Sunrise and Lindsay has a camera. Lock the doors!

aeroman, you are letting your lurid imagination run away with you.

1. Have you compared their peace index while they were sleeping to their peace index after they see this blog entry?

2. Do they have a camera and a blog?

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