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June 20, 2007

Tripoli 6 update

Revere has the latest on the Tripoli 6--the health care professionals sentenced to death by firing squad on spurious charges of deliberately infecting Libyan children with HIV.


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It's such bizarro case. I hope the Tripoli 6 are freed soon. I see a really good movie being made from this travesty.

Today's Guardian has a story with details of the planned financial settlement:

Neither Libya nor the European Commission is prepared to discuss the Benghazi International Fund, set up at the UK's urging. But the Guardian has learned that it is now worth about $50m (£25m), with contributions still coming in. Part of it consists of Libya's state debt to Bulgaria, which is to be written off. The money would be used to fund medical treatment in Europe, medical facilities in Benghazi and a national HIV/Aids awareness campaign in Libya. The families have received smaller sums through civil cases.

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