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June 04, 2007

Welcome, Squid Overlords

Can I interest you in some ants on a log?


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I question this statement in the article:

They are on the front lines in fighting terrorism, crucial for intelligence-gathering. Yet they use methods that conflict with their societies' values.
The frame, as always with the pro-torture viewpoint, is that torture works well at getting information, and the only thing standing in the way is society's squeamishness. And yet somehow, through the course of human history, all civilized societies gave up torture. Anybody who is pro-torture needs to carefully look at why a supposedly beneficial practice was abandoned.

The truth is that torture has a spotty record at intelligence-gathering, but a strong record at perverting the people who use it.

What's the problem with the "ticking time bomb premise"? Look how easily it is perverted.

"All of Iraq was a ticking bomb" Lagournis said...

And this part displays how disconnected from reality torturers can be

"Two brothers, they could've died because we were inducing hypothermia," he said. As Lagouranis was leaving Abu Ghraib, he told one of the brothers: " 'I'm sorry. I'll always consider you a friend,' He gave me a look -- he probably wanted to kill my entire family. I spent a lot of time torturing him, but also talking."

I must say...they look delicious!

I must say...they look delicious!

Ants? Surely they should be serving Cephalopod Celery:

some substitute chips of the chocolate variety for raisins.

some use the half-pipe shape of celery to transfer drops of water at regular intervals onto the foreheads of those unwilling to talk -- peanut butter moves too slowly.

though the information gathered from this practice cannot be trusted, you can eat the celery when you're done.

That is truly a great link!
Thanks for posting it.

Huh. We used to call that snack "bunny trails."

where can I get one of those shirts?

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