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July 25, 2007

Employees of Halliburton subsidiary accused of bribery

An executive busted for bribery is naming names of alleged co-conspirators at Halliburton subsidiary KBR:

Federal investigators have uncovered what they describe as a sweeping network of kickbacks, bribes and fraud involving at least eight employees and subcontractors of KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary, in a scheme to inflate charges for flying freight into Iraq in support of the war, according to court papers unsealed yesterday.

The latest conviction in the cases related to the scheme came yesterday, when a former Houston-based executive for an air-freight carrier hired by KBR pleaded guilty in federal district court to dispensing bribes and then lying to federal investigators. The executive, Kevin Andre Smoot, 43, of The Woodlands, Tex., served as a managing director for Eagle Global Logistics Incorporated, a carrier that received a subcontract from KBR to ship the freight.

The guilty plea by Mr. Smoot is the second by an Eagle executive in the case. But the papers describing his plea indicate that investigators believe at least one more Eagle employee and five KBR employees, all so far unnamed, were also involved. Mr. Smoot alone admitted to delivering bribes, called gratuities in the legalistic language of the court papers, to the employees of KBR on some 90 occasions between 2002 and 2005. [NYT]

This should be interesting.



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He isn't related to the Smoot of Mass. Ave. bridge fame is he (the Smoot is Oliver Smoot, so it's not the actual person)? That would be sad.

You could have titled this post "Residents of Hell accused of evil". Neither statement is unexpected.

It just never stops.

No, not Halliburton. I just flat don't believe it.

I'm reminded of a creaking sound I heard from somewhere up in Ohio... the sound of a pension plan beginning to crumble.

Avalanches and mudslides start when you least expect them, yanno. ^.^

*munches popcorn and kisses his 401k goodbye*

Get me the smelling salts!

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