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July 19, 2007

Why infrastructure matters

It may not be as glamorous as other means of fiery death, but decaying infrastructure can still kill you.


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Tell me about it! PS - glad you're back.

Belated welcome back.

What about the news that they can pin point the specific human error, and that it wasn't because the pipe was so old? (In fact they made pipes better back then - as with many other things, the old craftsmanship is decaying...)

Let's face it...there's a lot of old pipes under Manhattan.


Nice to see you up and about LB.

Old pipes that maybe need looking at, I'm thinking.

Not to worry. The miraculous invisible hand of the free market will fix this in a jiffy.

This is what we like to refer to as the Grim-Meat-Hook future, it really came into prominence due to New Orleans. Apocalypse by infrastructure failing faster than we can patch it.

Land grabs are the more likely reason why the Gop/and the "Libertarians" lets the infrastructure crumble. But fortunately, as was previously noted...their's the super duper comic book invisible hand to come swooping down like a fist.


Train wrecks.

Several per year that cause millions in damage and usually anywhere from mild to severe local harm to the environment, including evacuation of residents frequently. cause? fraying rails and rolling stock, insufficient crew, lax inspection? human error or sabotage?

We still subsidize a place to drive our gas guzzlers though not as handsomely as in previous decades but we leave the rail companies [AmTrak is not a significant exception] to fend for themselves to a greater and greater extent since 1975...when they were already bled to death by subsidized highway freight.

We still expect the sodium hydroxide and the chlorine and the toxic bulk ingredients of the plastics industry to move by rail...but don't seem to regard the condition of the rails and cars as much of a public safety priority.

If as much poison and money got spilled in a major city as the railroads now annually stack up in random, mostly southern rural or small town locations, DHS phones would never stop ringing. The poster was right and your emphasis to us in finding that post is right: our government's priorities are bull shit.

mudkitty, you're so smart. Thanks for seeing things. Makes me feel a lil better to know you're around.
Oh --- also I'll take a moment to espouse a random thought: The stuff I report that the firemen do -- it's all over I know. BUT, the thing is we don't want them to allow this as an excuse to 'privatize' our government services. We want the same service --- new actors. The current ones MUST go. This land grab thing is very bad for families and other humans !

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