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August 11, 2007

Marmoset soaks Johnny Carson

Watch Johnny Carson get soaked by a marmoset. Via cfrost.


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Johnny Carson had so much class.

Can you imagine what Bill O'Reilly would do in that situation?

The poor monkey would be killed when O'Reilly's head exploded.

Here's Letterman with a monkey. Hysterical

He has no rival Johnny ever. The best he was.

Great find!
Carson was one of a kind. He may have had personal shortcomings but his public persona was top drawer.
And You Tube is keeping history alive in a way that has never before been done. More and better snips like this are being passed around.

It's hard to believe that Carson was so great, and Leno is so awful...

That was the highlight of my lazy Sunday!!!!

I saw that great episode! Johnny Carson was fantastic. Now, tell me, why does anyone watch Leno?

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