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August 19, 2007

Mystery python devours three parrots at zoo

Officials announced Friday that a python had eaten three Kea parrots at a Hungarian zoo.

Here's the really interesting part, it wasn't the zoo's python:

It was unclear whether a visitor released the tiger python into the Keas' cage or whether someone released the 6-foot, 6-inch snake elsewhere in the zoo and it found the cage by itself, zoo spokesman Zoltan Hanga said.

Hanga said the zoo owned several pythons, but they had implanted microchips and all had been accounted for.   [AP]

More on Kea parrots.


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Keas, that's a shame.

Too many people get reptiles as pets that they can't or don't want to care for once they've outgrown their terrariums or when they just get tired of them. Then they turn the poor things loose, usually just to die. Sometimes they get into mischief as in this case, or worse, they establish populations. South Florida, for instance, now hosts iguanas, Nile monitors and Burmese pythons. Of which the latter two get big enough to eat your chickens, and a python might just eat your dog. Even the little red-eared sliders we all (well, those of us of a certain age) got as kids have spread all over the world and are now threatening local turtles by crowding and infection with diseases and parasites. Reptiles make very interesting pets, but be responsible.

That's incredibly upsetting. Keas are awesome.

When I first read this, I thought it was a metaphorical satire.

I had to read it twice to realize it was a literal event. I though I had learned never to say "that couldn't happen," even to m'self.

That was one hungry snake!

Keas are pesky birds that will completely strip the rubber/plastic of a car in minutes, don't underestimate their beaks either, they are razor sharp!

We used to entertain ourselves by pouring some beer into a hollow on the rocks and the Keas would drink it and get drunk. Their antics when pissed was a sight to behold!!

They are the only parrots that live most of their lives above the snow line in the mountains.

Could be the owner put it in a box or something and abandoned it at the zoo, thinking they'd take care of it. Then it got out of the box and found its way into the cage.

Frankly, the python probably thought he was at The Pyton Hotel.

This is an ex-parrot...oops, wrong python...

At first glance I thought the headline was "Monty python devours three parrots at zoo". Apparently other commenters were unconsciously mislead too. I think that's what you were intending to do all along, Lindsay. You scamp.

If microchips are not outlawed, only outlaws will not have them!

Kea are great fun (like most parrots). I have some photos at

Here’s your car munching kea. Nice to see a bird trashing one of the stupid chariots that have made it all possible for us, and that in time will probably trash us. Long live the kea.

The Kiwis evidently don’t want them becoming too tame. You can get your own sign here.

A kea at home.

Parrots can talk, can't they? Why didn't they yell for help? Don't zoos in Hungary have intercoms for precisely this kind of situation? One of my uncles was swallowed near the great, grey, green, greasy Zambese River by a python once, but saved fortunately. The last thing he heard as he cried out for help while being swallowed was my aunt saying "George, stop mumbling!".

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