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September 26, 2007

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Angelina Jolie discussing her work with children in conflict and post-conflict environments at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

Jolie announced a new coalition: The Education Partners for Children in Conflict:

The partnership helps fund new education projects for children in conflict, post-conflict, refugee and emergency situations. Under today's announced partnership, a total of 19 organizations have come together to make 18 commitments in 15 different countries - including a commitment to assist 200,000 Iraqi refugee children and more than 300,000 children affected by the Darfur genocide. Seed money over the past year came from the Novo Foundation, run by Warren Buffett's son Peter and his wife Jennifer. [Buzz!]

Jolie's partner Brad Pitt also unveiled a major philanthropic initiative, a plan to help build 150 affordable and environmentally sustainable homes in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward. Pitt and his partner, billionaire Steve Bing, pledge to match donations up to $5 million.


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These two are using their money and celebrity to make a difference. No one's perfect but at least they are not navel gazing like Paris Hilton and her ilk.

I support their political and social work. Their film works is uninteresting usually. I've not been inspired to see it.

Sander, I agree.

I'm very impressed by Jolie's dedication, knowledge, and physical courage in her advocacy for refugees and children in conflict. Seeing her on the podium with the UNHCR and other development activists, it was obvious how much respect they had for her contributions.

As a UN Goodwill Ambassador, Jolie has been to dozens of conflict and post-conflict zones, usually at her own expense, to meet with refugees and draw attention to their plight. She recently visited Iraq, for example, which is a brave thing to do these days.

Of course the issue of her own expense is just silly. She and Brad are multi millionaires and these expenses are like you and me taking the subway. Her asking for reimbursement would only seem petty.

Another great humanitarian is Mia Farrow. Thankfully not all rich people are greedy. I've never understood what people with untold millions hoard them for. Luxury items all over the world and still millions... why not use the money to help people and there are so many ways to do it.

The 3rd world people don't know Jolie as a celeb... they have no TVs and see no movies. She comes as a caring human being and walks on no red carpet. That is humility and I honor that in her. Brad just gave $5million to NOLA and will match other's gifts. Now how about that!

Trashed in the tabloids but they actually are giving back. Good on them.

--I've never understood what people with untold millions hoard them for. Luxury items all over the world and still millions... why not use the money to help people and there are so many ways to do it.--

Quite agree. This guy is very famous, but this barely known individual is by far the better man, better than them all I'd think.

>“I feel it’s my life,” Mr. Feeney said. “I’d be the last guy to tell a wealthy person what to do with their money. They’re entitled to do whatever they want.”

Well, that puts him ahead of Phantom in the judgment department, anyway. [And Trump is the standard? Yeesh -- I pass panhandlers every day that are more worthy human beings than that pustule.)

Also, you have to remember than philanthropic/crusading/whatever you wanna call it movie stars and such have fortunes to expend because they are famous and minutely scrutinized. Hiding their charities would be a lot more major undertaking for them than for Mr. Feeney, who has never been in the spotlight.

The 3rd world people don't know Jolie as a celeb... they have no TVs and see no movies. She comes as a caring human being and walks on no red carpet.

Nope, Dock's right and this is wrong. With the diesel fuel pricing crisis, not as much video is consumed in rural areas, but the people she's helping at least in some countries are familiar with her work.

I don't have firsthand contact with every developing country in which the Pitt-Jolie family is charitably active. However, I can tell you for sure that in Cambodia, Angelina is at least as famous as she is in Paris or London. One of the questions I learned to understand without interpretation on my last visit was whether I was part of her staff.

It's just that no one there feels entitled to interfere with her family's privacy, to the extent that there is no marking to indicate that she has anything to do with the very swank secondary school she funds in a rural area near the place her son was born. The driver who told me about this funding stream revealed it under duress, as I was extremely curious and known to him as a good tipper.

I'm an awful person. Here's the deal: Sometimes when I REALLY support a person I buy the tix for their movie, anyway but go see what I want to see ... hope it helps.
Also, you get the feeling when you're watching oceans 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 .. whatever that these guys are laughing gently on the way to the bank because then they come out with good night and good luck and syriana and shoveling their dough in to the black holes the neocons created in other ways.
The last oceans even the younger among us were .... okay ... but NONE of us minded. We like that our money passes through some mild entertainment and ends up being used for something good ...
i thought paris was turning over a new leaf. LOL

hey phoenix rising .. cool tale. thanks for sharing !

Pitt and Jolie donated $100,000 to the Daniel Pearl Foundation. They also donated $100,000 to Direct Change and $300,000 for impovished African babies. The list goes on and on.

Celebrities whom should not get political is Ben Affleck. His following of Kerry on the campaign trail was creepy. The guy from Surviving Santa and Gigli is hated by most moviegoers. Kerry should never of had Affleck stump for him.

Nah, cool experience, and just another day in Cambodia.

That was right before the driver realized that he'd locked his keys in the car, which began a 4 hour adventure involving the entire hamlet of 59 people. Quick takeaway: do not attempt to open an alarmed Toyota Camry with a coconut knife.

Go there, if there is any way you can. I strongly urge all of you to experience the country and its people. Spending a vacation there is one way to contribute to development that many people can afford; we can't all found a school.

Opportunities each day to take the photograph of a lifetime: 3245
Kids who will smile at you picking your pocket, unless you're quick: 234
Tastes you'll never forget: 47
Chance that you'll come home the same: 0

very inspiring. VERY inspiring.

I'm very happy for you and for whom you meet on your journeys. And, if I were the jealous type .... I'd feel a shot of envy. There's not so many folks who 'get' what you get. In the next several months I am considering making sweeping changes that will never set my life on 'these same tracks' again.
One is law school. Because there's a SHORTAGE of first-amendment lawyers it appears.
The other is to fulfill my longing to remain a citizen of this world.
So --- there might be a reason I was lucky enough to read your words.
Thank you.

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