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September 26, 2007

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Another shot of Brad Pitt at the Clinton Global Initiative in Manhattan, NY.


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I believe that's called Fan Service.

Was it good for you?

His hair looks... green.

Damn! Who isn't at this thing?

I've always felt that Pitt never got his due as an actor because he's such a pretty boy. He's turned in some crap, but who hasn't? He's done far more winners than losers, IMO, and he's usually interesting to watch regardless.

Apparently he's backed what compared to the non-response of some other powers that be sounds like a damn smart idea for NOLA, which is to buy up house-sized lots, do up the property so it's liveable-in, then sell it back to original inhabitants of places such as the Lower Ninth Ward at prices they can afford.

Ok, since everyone is so serious, I will be too for a minute. I'm glad he's using his interest and star power to help people, but I'm hoping that his associates plans for New Orleans will be safe houses that won't be flooded. Maybe they can put them on concrete columns, and use the space underneath the house for a garage. Or, build high density housing like an 20 story apartment building (not sure if that is feasible given that the ground is former swampland).

If not, I'm worried that another flood will occur because of global warming in 10 or 20 years. That would be literally catastrophic.

Oh, and I hope Lindsey continues with more fanservice.

Recently I watched Meet Joe Black, and if anyone is unsuitable to portray death it's this guy. The movie was terrible but he was worth every second of boredom.

It's pretty cool that you were able to get David Fincher to light this photo for you. :-p

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