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September 07, 2007

Judy Miller joins conservative think tank

Former New York Times reporter Judy Miller has signed on as a fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute.

In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Miller made sensational allegations about Iraq's nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs. Although Miller's coverage helped lend credibility to the Bush administration's push for war in Iraq, her claims about WMD were never substantiated.

As an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Miller hopes to write about policing and counter-terrorism.


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her claims about WMD were never substantiated.

I read somewhere that she claimed she was "proved fucking right".

All right then. Off to the conservative "think tank" with you.

She is the gift that keeps on giving.

Quite a racket the right-wing has going.

Glad to see she landed on her feet. If I were partially responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of millions, I would have a hard time making it through the day. But some people are more resilient than I am.

Curse that liberal media.

Let’s be charitable; let’s assume that in her little black heart of hearts, Judy sincerely believed Saddam was going to kill us all with his terrible weapons of doomsday mass destruction.

The boys at the top knew there were no WMDs, in fact, they thought it was hysterical that the press took the bait. Almost as funny a joke as the twenty-somethings who signed up to fight bin Laden and found themselves targets in a civil war in a place where Mr. bin Laden had never been. Almost as much of a fucking laugh riot as the Baghdad morgue.

But Judy was just trying to do the right thing. Good work Ms. Miller. What is it the reactionaries call left wing lackeys? Oh yes, “useful fools”.

In other news, we see that Rumsfeld has signed up for duty at the West Coast stink tank, Stanford's Hoover Institute.

I wonder whether Judy will be as influential now in reporting the threat posed by Iran as she was previously in reporting the threat posed by Iraq. Let us hope not.

Of course, the administration and its neocon think tanks probably have some fresh blood on their payroll now over at Fox and the NYT.

I think her full name is Judy Fucking Miller, if I'm not mistaken.

Jebby is in a think tank since he left office. Millions and millions invested. If that's not scary enough --- he's also now on several medical and insurance boards.
This can't be good.

What is think tank a euphemism for?? Caging??


Lies and propaganda?
Oh, that's funny cfrost ... stink tank.

Miller can hope to write any damn thing she pleases. She should not, however, hope anyone with a brain or a conscience will read whatever she writes, except perhaps as the testimony of a perjured witness.

"As an adjunct fellow, I hope to continue writing about how best to enhance national security and public safety without sacrificing our freedom and civil liberties," Miller said in a statement.

Does Miller refer to her three months in prison for refusing to cooperate in the Valerie Plame investigation? Or does she refer to her role as foot soldier in the propaganda coup that unleashed the Iraq war?

There will always be an alternate Universe where the laws of physics, reason, and truth in journalism do not apply. Why does this place have to be in our Galaxy?

Wasn't the New York Times supposedly a "liberal" newspaper? I use to think it was - but I don't anymore. Seems more like WSJ lite.

But everyone KNOWS all the reporters at the NY Times are libruls...

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