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September 27, 2007

Recommended reading

Blackwater personnel allegedly killed a female reporter and three others with ties to Iraq's state-run television network. {HT: Eric]

New Zealand cops are letting the public shape laws through a wiki. Wait 'til Stephen Colbert hears about this...

A beloved professor at Carnegie Mellon delivered the lecture of a lifetime. [HT: CPL]


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Dr. Pausch's speech was taped so his children, ages 5, 2 and 1, can watch it when they're older. His last words in his last lecture were simple: "This was for my kids." Then those of us in the audience rose for one last standing ovation.

Thanks for posting this, Lindsay. Memorable!

Mighty impressive, Lindsay. Thank you so much.

Just read that WSJ article -- wow!!! And your photographs are FANTASTIC. How very cool!

Thanks for the link to the CMU lecture. I forwarded it to my reporting students as an example of writing about an emotional event without getting in the way of the reader. Nicely crafted.

I just finished all this reading. THANK YOU.

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