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October 20, 2007

CBS confirms Raw Story's Plame reporting

Tomorrow, 60 Minutes will air an interview with Valerie Plame, in which the outed CIA agent confirms that she was working undercover to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons when her identity was leaked for political purposes.


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I hope once and for all Katie establishes Valerie's deep- cover bona fides, in the minds of the viewing public.
But I have the feeling Couric won't be willing or able to do that.

By now BushCo has probably replaced people like Plame with more tractable spooks at every level in the CIA, so they’ll get the intelligence they want.

Today the L.A. Times reports that one of the few more level heads in the Iranian government who has opposed Ahmadinejad’s full-throttle approach to nuclear self-sufficiency has resigned, apparently over that issue. The Cheney bomb-Iran faction probably considers this guy’s resignation something of a windfall.

Valerie Plame is supposed to be speaking at my firm's office next month about her new book. I am going to see if I can catch some of it.

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