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October 10, 2007

Chicago police disband elite unit run amok

Chicago disbanded its elite Special Operations Section, Tuesday, amidst allegations of widespread misconduct in the anti-drug/anti-gang unit:

The recent incidents of police misconduct, which include charges that SOS officers robbed and kidnapped people, and that one accused officer plotted to murder another, have been "disheartening and demoralizing, especially for officers who serve honorably every day," interim Supt. Dana Starks said Tuesday at a news conference called to announce the abrupt disbanding of SOS. [Chicago Tribune]

One erstwhile SOS officer,Jerome Finnigan, is accused running a home invasion crew and plotting to kill a former police officer.

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Cops with guns need lots of psyche screening and continual assessments.

Do they even get it?

Who does it?

Reached for comment, Detective Vic Mackey had this to say: "I don't know how the Department can replace the Strike Team. Nobody knows the One-Niners and the BizLats like my guys, and a bunch of suits are not going to get the job done."

/The Shield reference

Well hopefully with everything ELSE Tampa has moved here from Chicago they will disband the 3/4 of the police force and fire dept that have disheartened and 'forced into early retirement' the decent among them.

Tampa, are you listening?

You love to travel to Chicago for your 'eye into the real world' Here's one that fits like a glove for you to copy.

@Thomas, TSID: I immediately thought of The Shield as well.

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