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October 29, 2007

DMI Marketplace: Preventing wrongful convictions

Today, the Drum Major Institute hosts Dallas DA Craig Watkins, NY State Sen. Eric Schneiderman, Westchester DA Janet Defiore, and Barry Sheck of The Innocence Project. 

DMI executive director Andrea Batista Schlesinger  will moderate a discussion about  strategies for preventing wrongful convictions and exonerating the innocent.

The event will be blogged in real time at DMIblog starting at 8:00am.


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He'll probably be along soon to mock those who have suffered from wrongful conviction.

Seems the site is offline now.

In Broward County Florida 2004 my son was sentenced to life in prison. He did not kill anyone, he did not rape anyone or kipnap anyone. Yes, he broke the law and he had to be punished, but not life in prison. My son need your help. Please contact us at Thank you and Godbless you

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