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October 25, 2007

One of the most dangerous women in America

The conservative Family Security Matters (FSM)* has released its list of the 10 Most Dangerous Organizations in America, compiled by FSM contributing editor Jason Rantz.

Congratulations to our colleagues at Think Progress for clinching the tenth spot. This is a strong showing in a tough division. Think Progress is a team to watch next season.

10) ThinkProgress
9) Muslim Student Association
8) CodePINK
7) American Civil Liberties Union, National
6) Family Research Council
5) Center for American Progress
4) League of the South
2) Universities and Colleges
1) Media Matters for America

ThinkProgress's parent organization, the Center For American Progress, came in fifth.

Photo: The menacing Amanda Terkel, Deputy Research Director for and the Progress Report.

*Not to be confused with the better-known and more dangerous FSM.


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Media Matters? The most dangerous organization in America? What buildings have they bombed?

Number 2 caught is very telling. Why don't they just come out and say it? "Educated people are a danger to 'Murka."

Hmmm...I remember some other group that had a problem with educated people. Oh, I remember now, it was these guys:
Family Security Matters is in good company.

Whoa. I even scared myself!

BTW, It is a nice picture (Many of your pictures are striking). You have a good eye for composition, especially WRT people, which is why I suppose you are a photographer.

sheeesh...I'm terrible at self editing. strike that "caught"

Wow, that's a weird list. Number two is indeed hilarious, but what about the inclusion of the League of the South and the FRC? Isn't the former creepy but somewhat toothless, as neo-confederate groups go? And isn't FRC a right-wing group? Weird.

I think Rantz wanted to be able to say that his list included both liberal and conservative groups. So, FRC and LOTS get thrown in for "balance."

Lindsay Beyerstein -

The selection of FRC probably has to do with Tony Perkins saying he won't support GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani.

PERKINS: There's no desire to create a third party. But I think, as we look down the road, what we have said is, there's a line which we won't cross. We will not support a -- a candidate who is pro- abortion.

2) Universities and Colleges

All of them?

What a bunch of slack jawed troglodytes.

Yeah, I definitely thought the inclusion of Family Research Council was odd, but figured there was some sort of intra-wingnut politics there. Like how if some lefty (I mean real lefty, not liberal democrat) group made a list like this over half the list would consist of rival lefty groups (The ISO, Workers World, The IWW, SDS, MIM, etc).

Parents, don't send your kids to some communist/islamofascist college. Home-school them through graduate school.

This group came up recently in a post by Digby, highlighting one of the papers on its website. It makes the modest proposals of nuclear genocide for the Iraqis, and lifetime dictatorship for Bush... because, you know, America is just too weak and decadent to survive otherwise. Follow the link if you think I'm kidding.

What's with the caption of the photo? Because the bottle spoils the symmetry?
(Of course, less bottled water should be consumed generally, because it's wasteful.)

As for #2: Ignorance is Bliss.
#7 is old enough to collect Social Security, the ACLU being a perennial thorn in the side of RW enthusiasts for "liberty."

I love the photo on top of the site.

Wooo Hooo! Made it all the way to #2! Go team intelligence! Galileo would be so proud of us. Just when I was thinking that nobody ever pays any attention to us, something like this brightens my day.

I am so proud of this recognition by an organization too stupid to notice that it is fascist. I put MM's ticker on my sidebar and I back M.O. with my time and my money...and I love it. Schecters!, they missed Dan and Cliff. Do they know facts from fantasy at FSM? There's a lot of hard facts FSM should object to having exposed. Raw Story and TPM would make good nominees as well.

...uh, like you said, Lindsay, a tough field to compete in:)

I would be more happy with the list if League of the South wasn't on it.

Media Matters really bugs the shit out of the Right. I love it.

League of the South? How on earth can they be dangerous, except maybe to Ned Beatty?

I could beat my head against my desk if I wasn't afraid of getting blood on the paperwork. These are the people who run your country! These are the people who speak for you overseas! How can you bear it?

Although it is particularly interesting that number one is an anti-propaganda site, and number two a blanket attack on all thinking. Clearly they want a nation of programmed zombies. Anyone read THE SIRENS OF TITAN?

I agree that the inlcusion of ALL colleges and universities is just plain idiotic, I think that the point is not to say learning is dangerous. The FSM is saying that the liberal ideologies and leftist indoctrination at many colleges and universities is what is dangerous.

The University I attended was VERY leftist. As a political science major I encountered many free thinking leftist, overtly Marxist-Leninist profs. One of them was one of my favorite profs! I was conservative back then and am conservative now. But I loved the range of topics and viewpoints I was able to study and the people that I studied with. It was a bit tough as a conservative to get my opinion heard (I gave up on respected!) but the sharing of ideas was the main purpose of undergrad, at least for me. That is what is being lost on the FMC. It is also being lost at colleges and universities who are turning more and more leftist and shutting out any conservative thinking.

You'd think the only people who would write a list like this would be The Onion. The fact that someone did it seriously, well talk about the proverbial "kick me" tag on your back...

.... let's get dangerous ..... (darkwing duck)

attend college.

It is also being lost at colleges and universities who are turning more and more leftist and shutting out any conservative thinking.

Hmm, I dunno, B-Money - at the state school in Ohio I attended (sorry, not OSU!), the conservative viewpoint was alive and well amongst staff and students. I expect any leftward leaning on campus is due to the rightward shift of everything else. You can appear 'leftist' today just by standing pat these past 7 years.

MM, the anti-Drudge, is dangerous because like the #2 competitor, it seeks to educate. How destablizing!

Great catch Lindsay.

These people can be your smiling neighbors. Welcome to the asylum.

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