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October 28, 2007

Pseudo-CNN page frames Hispanic group for wildfires

Speaking of fake news... Someone registered the domain name "cnnheadlienews" on Oct. 25 2007, to run a bogus news story alleging that Hispanic separatist group had claimed responsibility for setting the California wildfires.

The page is dummied up to look like a CNN web page. There's no other content on the site. A WHOIS search reveals that the page is registered to something called "Bleach Boy Manufacturing."

There is no such corporation on file with the Tennessee Secretary of State.

Katharine Zalecki of Huffington Post reports that some anti-immigrant websites cited the story as fact, without noticing or caring that the url was a dead giveaway.


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You know, I'd been wondering about the quality of journalism over at cnnheadlinenews recently. And not just that "special report" over the Jews engineering the housing crash; when I clicked on my local forecast, it told me to expect a plague of frogs.

There is a phone number in the whois record. Has anyone called this guy?

Fox News couldn't help but entertain the idea (repeatedly) that Al-Qaeda is to blame for the California wildfires. The real Fox News, I'm afraid. Aren't you?

Oh, and ""Por la Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada."

When will America finally wake up and prohibit the sale of matches to brown people?

The faux CNN story is disturbing. The FOX baloney is downright frightening. We should remember that the metaphorical fires in Yugoslavia and Rwanda were heavily stoked with inflammatory crap on radio and television. Then there was also that Goebbels fellow a few years earlier ...

That's the playbook: the chosen villain is responsible for everything that goes wrong, and everything you fear. And you don't even have to venture off the real CNN these days to hear it.

Gee, it's no wonder people mistook this article for an actual CNN report when it includes such excellent writing as, "No suspects have been identified, though they are probably brown."

The scariest thing is how teflon-coated and accountability-free setting this up was for "Bleach Boy" (whoever the hell it really is). If CNN doesn't go after it as defaming their news brand, there's likely very little that violates the law (though it's ethically putrid). Please follow this story and let us know what is happening with it.

Well, I just realized why I prefer to mock silly dumb bunnies like Dr. B rather than some of the nutcase bloggers on the right. They just bellow about patriotism and kicking ass etc. But you people indulge in faux sentimentality, pose ridiculously as intellectuals when you don't know a fucking thing about the world, and act as if your idealism is pure and noble. Ugh. And the dear old pop thread: the definition of maudlin.

Now I just looked at the Angry Black Bitch site. Now she at least hsa some opinions, and expresses them with punch, if not with immense sophistication. But this blog, good lord, what a waste of e-space.

Shorter Milo: A cry for help.

If cass has a plague of frogs I going to want to read that manifesto, rambling or not.

They have no conscience to guide them in their relationships with others. It's not that they're just mean-spirited; rather, they have no spirit at all. Just a big empty boring hole where the rest of us actually have emotional concerns for others.

It's all a game to them, to poke at others with random cruelty. Their only purpose in life is to fuck up people.

A very ingenious bit of URL-spoofing. Not. "cnnheadlienews" indeed. The nitwitted bigots will always be with us, I guess, but this is particularly egregious.

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