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October 12, 2007

Support Retrospectacle for blogging scholarship

Science blogger Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle is up for a $10,000 student blogging scholarship.

I love Retrospectacle. I hope Shelley gets some long-awaited support for her efforts through this competition.

Shelley Batts is a Neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Michigan. She studies hair cell regeneration in the cochlea, and is just embarking on that quixotic quest called 'thesis.' She lies awake at night pondering how science intersects with politics, culture, policy, money, medicine, and religion in an attempt to be more than just a niche scientist sitting in the oh-so-lovely ivory tower. Follow me and my parrot on the quest to get funded, get a PhD, and stay sane.

Cast your vote here.


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Thank you Lindsey!!

Vote. Do it now! Do yourself a favor and read her blog too. Nowhere else will you find out how much LSD it takes to kill an elephant.

Cool !! Good luck, shelley ! On all counts

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