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November 13, 2007

Congratulations, M. LeBlanc, ESQ

Three days ago, I raised my right hand and said, "I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties to the best of my ability."...

I know she will.

Read the inspiring story of blogger M. LeBlanc, who overcome significant odds to achieve her dream of becoming an attorney. I've been an M-admirer since she joined the roster at Bitch PhD.

If only everyone who took that oath was as serious as she is about supporting the Constitution.


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Thanks, Lindsay! How very lovely.

oh brother how maudlin. So managed to pass the LSAT, managed to enroll, and managed to pass the bar? And now is doing some ridiculous legal practice, it sounsd like petty criminal law or perhaps personal bankruptcy or family law. Basically filling out government forms for people to stupid to do it themselves. A glorified secretary. Who wannts us to believe it is part of some noble mission to preserve our yee old ancient liberties. Blahblahblah.

God, the NYS bar was the easiest test I've ever taken. And yet something like 25% of people who finish three years of law school fail. Funny, at my law school, nearly all of the foreign students passed, and they had completed only a one year LLM program, not at all geared to the bar exam.

Sorry, but another lawyer in this overly lawyered country is not a cause for celebration.

Despite what others may say, I say congrats and welcome to a noble profession. Hopefully Ms. Leblanc will find a niche in which to make a difference.

I say congrats as well. It is a milestone, and not an easy one at that. And no matter what anyone may say about the quantity of lawyers out there - there is ALWAYS a shortage of GOOD lawyers.

Eh lawyers are uniquely slimy people. It's the result of smugness, self-righteousness and just enough education to think they now something.

The ABA should cut the curriculum to 1 year. That's all you need to be a super secretary.

"Eh lawyers are uniquely slimy people. It's the result of smugness, self-righteousness and just enough education to think they now something."

This clearly shows that you do not now any lawyers. These are your preconceptions no doubt. Oh wait, here it comes...I bet you are a lawyer (I doubt it), know more about everything that anyone else and are always right. Maybe that description was about you, not lawyers...

B-Money, it's your choice, but I'd urge you not to give Milorad the attention he/she/it so desperately craves.

Eh fools. I am a lawyer, was on law review at elite law skool, and worked for major intl law firm. And quit because it was boring.

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