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November 20, 2007

Conservapedia usage stats: So visceral

Life just keeps imitating The Wire...

New York hitman Brother Mouzone, sending his reluctant henchman to gather intel at a gay bar: You're the perfect bait. They will view you as conflicted, your homophobia is so visceral.--The Wire, Season 3


Kieran Healy snatched the screen cap, above, from the Conservapedia statistics page.

I found these rankings current as of 11:31pm EST, 11/20/07.


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Comments's the day. Today's the day I start my first "Wire" episode...episode 1, season 1. I am about to lose my "Wire" virginity.

mudkitty--just remember, if you walk through the garden, you'd better watch your back. I beg your pardon--walk the straight and narrow track.

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