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November 16, 2007

Coroner: Journalists executed in East Timor

A coroner in Sydney has ruled that five Austrialan-based journalists were deliberately killed by Indonesian special forces to stop them from exposing the invasion of East Timor in 1975:

The deputy coroner of New South Wales, Dorelle Pinch, said there was enough evidence to constitute a war crime.

She said two Australians, two Britons and a New Zealander were killed by Indonesian special forces to stop them exposing the invasion of East Timor.

Official Indonesian reports always said they were killed in crossfire. [BBC]

A spokesman for the Indonesian foreign ministry told the BBC that the coroner's findings will not change the official account of the killings.


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Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger have a lot to answer for when it comes to East Timor in 1975.

Gerald Ford was an alchoholic and Kissinger is a War Criminal. He's the only member of the US administration to ever be charged with War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. Kissinger can't leave the US now, if he does he will be arrested and hauled off to the Hague. Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow. That Nazi has a lot to answer for. East Timor is just one of many "indiscretions" he committed.

After Timor being abandoned by portugal when they lost against leftist guerilla fighters, Indonesia invade with tacit approval of US and Australia.

Everybody knows this.

Then in the late 80's they discover oil in Timor.

Then all independent shenanigan starts.

Of course Timor is now a mess under Australian/UN occupation. (Yes. it is under Australian occupation. eg. The timor government cannot negotiate their oil revenue. They also heavily indebted to loan, all new system etc.)

Basically it's Timor changing master from Portugal, to Indonesia to Australia. They are getting screwed still. And foreign troops are still running things.

Give it few more years, the fretelin guerillas are already going back to mountain after little bickering in last parliement. Australia already start loosing soldiers, not to mention paying for all their troop and Timor budgetary problem.

Don't believe the hype that Australia is all in it for freedom. They couldn't give a fuck about Timor and give Indonesia tacit approval on 76 invasion, until they find oil.

It's all about oil.

(ie. make note of Papua New Guinea vs. Australia)

Amazing right? This is supposedly new era under australian guidance (independence, etc)

But surprisingly nobody bothers to report.

August 9, 2007

EAST Timor might be heading towards a people-power uprising, one of the country's most powerful politicians says, as independence hero Xanana Gusmao promises radical change after taking control.

Mr Gusmao's rival, Mari Alkatiri, head of the biggest political party, Fretilin, said yesterday he and other party officials would travel the country over the next few days urging supporters to protest against the new Government, including using civil disobedience.

"We hope it will not lead to a people power (uprising), but we cannot stop the people protesting for their rights," Dr Alkatiri said.

"Civil disobedience is legal. It is a way to do this thing — we will promote it."

Analysts in Dili say Fretilin's opposition to Mr Gusmao's Government is fuelling violence that has now spread from Dili to several eastern towns, including the Fretilin stronghold of Baucau, where four UN police officers were hurt, one seriously.


This Australia accusing Indonesia is just their way of saying Hey stop instigating violence in Timor. (aka. we goof, but gotta blame somebody)

So that's why the strange timing of digging old stuff from the 70's. but back then any reporters will happily be killed by US/Australia/Indonesian operation to boost the invasion.

In general Indonesian attitude toward Australia in Timor is, you brake it you own it pal. Welcome to hell. (It was one of the most expensive and long guerilla war for Indonesian army.)

But in general, it's more of the same. The whole thing will quickly degenerate into factional guerilla war after 5 years.

We'll see how many people get killed this time and who will bail invade them again.

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