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November 09, 2007

Majikthise takes 2nd place in 2007 Weblog Awards

Here are the results in the Best Individual Blogger. Thanks so much for all your support!


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I am duly impressed.

Not surprised, though. :)

Yay!An honour well earned.

In 2008,we smash them! (Peaceful and democratic electoral metaphorically speaking.)

Wow. Impressive!

Heartiest felicitations. It's richly deserved.

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Judging by the results, people are fans of a libertarian/neocon that can barely write coherently. Don't feel bad Lindsey, I won a loaf of bread for a blogging award. I kid you not.

Kudos to you. I just found your site a few days ago and have been reading some back articles. Very well done.


Congratulations to a person who has important things to say and whose voice is being heard.

Keep up the good work, Lindsay!

Gratz on number 2!

I started reading Pharyngula after seeing him linked on the weblog awards. There's one mighty disturbing picture on the front page today: Disturbing squid


Thanks so much for all your support!
Je vous en prie.

Of course, a big problem with the blog voting was that you could vote more than once, so all the mouth-breathers out there, who tend to be better organized and motivated than their liberal counterparts, could easily stack the deck. They got Bush more or less elected, after all, so don't feel too bad about it. You win first prize on style, class, content and writing ability.

YAY !!! I like it when my clicks come to fruition. (through your hard work, of course) LOL.



As far as I am concerned, that qualifies as a win.


Congrats, and like that. You held second all the way I saw.

But I wish I understood the significance of Weblog Awards better. How does the nominating work, exactly? And the multiple votes thing does seem wack.

Pffffft, Glenn Reynolds is not a blogger. He is a quipster, without comments!

You are really number one Lindsay.

That's fantastic, Lindsay. Recognition of the quality of your writing, I think.

Glen must have tapped into some Orc colony for votes this year.

Congrats on an impressive 2nd place victory! You deserved to come first though.

P.S. You certainly would qualify for a photography award blog, too.

Hey, you beat everyone who isn't a crazy ridiculous asshole with a sad need to prove his masculinity and a ridiculous spouse who spouts cheap spouse's-crowd-pleasing points like a creepy robot!

I mean....congrats to...ever...ybody? Yay Lindsay!

Heh. Indeed.


Congratulations, Lindsay. It's well deserved.

Incidentally, I think liberals are just as capable as conservatives of voting once a day. The real difference is that Lindsay didn't "campaign." At least judging by the competitions in the "Funniest blog" and "Best Science blog" categories, the top two spots went to blogs that reminded their readers every day about the competition, and encouraged them to get out the vote. I'd be willing to bet that Glenn Reynolds did the same thing.

Does everything have to split on liberal/conservative lines these days? The competition between the top two contenders for "Funniest blog" were between a liberal blog (whose humor mostly consists of calling conservatives stupid) and a conservative blog (whose "humor"---and there I really have to stretch to use that word---consists of callings liberals stupid). The competition between the top two contenders for "Best Science Blog," was between BadAstronomy, and ClimateAudit, the latter being an anti-global-warming blog. Gah. Both races even had a 3rd party, Ralph Nader-like strategic voting thing going. The third place in "Best Science blog, Pharyngula, eventually urged its readers to vote for BadAstronomy, to prevent splitting the non-junk-science votes. Some readers of the 3rd place humor blog, Jon Swift, voted for the first place liberal humor blog, to prevent splitting the liberal votes. Bah.

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