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November 21, 2007

Predatory Lending Association

The Predatory Lending Association is a brilliant parody of an industry website.

Check out their handy comparison chart for predatory lending vs. indentured servitude.

The PLA also offers handy predatory lending tools like the military base finder and the working poor finder.

[HT: ChrisR]


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The 'real' predatory lenders site is Community Financial Services Association of America. They only want 'responsible' regulation.

Presumably they do not support my definition of responsible regulation of predatory lenders: shut them all down and execute the executives who have been preying on the old and the poor.

Isn't usery a sin, according to the bible?

Dick Cheney must have read your post because he used some of the fine reasoning of the PLA to support predatory lending. Maybe he will address the military loan crisis next.

Thanks for the PLA link...

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