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November 11, 2007

Recommended reading

NYPD Confidential, by Leonard Levitt. This guy has a truly encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings of the New York City police department. I just stumbled across the site of the former Newsweek columnist a couple days ago, and I'm completely hooked. Levitt is my newest journalistic role model. His archives are a treasure trove for Giuliani- and Kerik-watchers.

Historian Rick Perlstein on the Overton Window--the process whereby radical ideas are gradually repositioned as conventional wisdom.

Steve Aftergood of Secrecy News revisits the case of whistleblower Richard Barlow, a former intelligence officer who tried to warn Congress about Pakistan's clandestine attempts to acquire nuclear US nuclear technology 20 years ago. Barlow was personally vilified for speaking out and his state secrets privilege was revoked. Now, Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) is seeking compensation for Barlow.

Writer and activist Ali Eteraz has joined forces with a group of Pakistani lawyers to launch blog that's covering the political upheavals in Pakistan with a level of detail and immediacy that you won't find in the established Western media.

Demon dog de-doper, by Pam Spaulding. According to FOX and WorldNet Daily, a man quit drugs after a Jack Russell terrier mysteriously appears in a wedding anniversary party pic!


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okay was it a DECEASED jack russell?? maybe I should read the link, first.

THANKS SO MUCH for these other links. Surprised Levitt is in good health. Rudy does not like when people talk about him.

If he's YOUR role model anyone would do well to read him.
That will keep me busy --- like I needed ONE MORE THING. LOL

I'm really delighted to see a kinder environment for Richard Barlow. As one who was raised in one of our "nuclear villages" (near Hanford, Wa), the mindset that is encouraged by the secrecy & acceptance of the "my country/gov't/project/etc right or wrong" was (& is) a paradigm for interactive behavior amid those enclaves. Secrecy, Suspicion, Self-serving, Self-righteousness = Pillars of successful careers, there. ^..^

Here is the Secrecy News story on Richard Barlow.

I read Rick Perlstein with great interest. I think this is the error of Hillary Clinton or perhaps the error of her supporters and the public. Centrist political positions that require abandonment of core principles such as constitutional rights are wrong. Democracy self -corrected after the communist scare and McCarthy era because a return to core principles, not by seeking a certrist position. Glenn Greenwald's repetitive reminders of how current polices violate our basic rights and principles is in line with Perlsein's resolve to repeat more often. The word propaganda has negative connotations in this country but it is possible to propagate the truth as well as lies.

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