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December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

Greetings from Vancouver.

The normal posting schedule will resume soon. 


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Back atcha on the ole 'olidays, LB.

Think "Going To The Snow-Snow..." to the tune "Going To A Go-Go" by Smokey Robinson, circa mid '60's.

Lindsay, have a happy and healthy holiday and best wishes for the New Year, from my family to yours.

I want to hear the Christmas tunes we never hear dammit. Someone please, please, please get me James Brown’s “Funky Christmas” LP this year.

Merry Christmas

Will this do?

Ho ho ho.


I saw Barry on a TV show about reincarnation. Best to you in 08.


Happy Hols to you, Lindsey and thanks for all the work you do.

Btw, here's the latest on "Republican babe" and Fatal Attraction psycho Rachel Marsden. Will the hilarity ever end?

oops, make that "Lindsay" (I hate when people spell my name wrong!) :)

Fatal Attraction is right.

Who's this that said you should never get involved with anyone crazier than you are?

I wanted to see her page on wikipedia, but it's locked up pretty good. All it says is:

"This page is currently protected from editing until disputes have been resolved.
Protection is not an endorsement of the current version . Please discuss changes on the talk page or request unprotection. You may use on the talk page to ask for an administrator to make an edit for you.
Rachel Marsden
Born Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation columnist, political commentator

Rachel Marsden is a Canadian conservative political columnist and television commentator based in New York City.

Is everyone in Canada like her?

merry xmas, lindsay!

as to xmas music you've never heard before, how about this?

"Will this do? Ho ho ho."

Oh hell yes! That is a Christmas present! Thanks, merry X-mas and a very happy new year to you Phantom Sir.

I'm happy you liked it. Actually, I thank you for putting the idea in my head to look--I had never seen this film before, of a younger, in his prime James Brown. It's like seeing the young Ali--you almost have to slow down the film to take in what he's doing.

Now, for one more clip. When the great Pavarotti died, I went looking for clips on youtube. There thankfully are many. But one that blew me away was this one.

This was part of the "Pavarotti and Friends" concert filmed in Modena, Italy in 2002. James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti, with their two impossibly different styles, blend into a wonderful third creation. The two giants, each no longer with us, totally digging each other. Enjoy.

For Blackwater every day in Iraq is Christmas:

"The State Department has paid $2.4 billion for private security in Iraq -- including $1 billion to Blackwater -- since 2003, USA Spending figures show."

Iraq: The war your children will pay for!


Its almost time here for the Feats of Strength, but I wanted to leave you with his wonderful story: Its about a little Christmas tree that survived the passage of time, government repression, and the atomic bomb, all without becoming bitter, or turning into a rampaging 40' high radioactive monster.

Peace and happiness to all of you, and another successful year of keeping your inner raging monsters pacified and out of the way of society: Lindsay, cfrost, Uncle Kvetch, Phantom, Dock Miles, 1984 (whever he or she may be) and all the rest; including, yes, our roster of trolls. I hope you are all getting the love you need and deserve today.

Enjoy the Mountains,
Lindsay B...
Ralph G.

Merry Christmas !!

Happy Boxing Day !!!

Happy Holidays !!

Happy New Year !!!

Please hug your mom from us in Tampa. Kiss her cheek and tell her thanks for .... ... EVERYTHING .... and we're thinking of her and the rest of the Beyersteins this season.

James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti-

Well, I'll be... Now that I see the clip I realize that such a thing really did happen and that the memory of hearing about it wasn't just some sort of internal joke or trick my mind had played on me. And it's actually really good too!

süpper thakyu

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