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December 19, 2007

Raw Story's Seigelman piece cited on Harper's blog

Scott Horton of Harper's cited our Rove/Seigelman article!


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Great job Lindsay. Scott's blog is amazing too. His legal insights are invaluable but I find it's his knack for linking classic literature and art to current events that keeps me coming back.



That's very exciting, Lindsay; I love both Horton's blog and the magazine. Congratulations!

Great article... And you know, it's often helpful if one of the authors of an article does not get the name one of the key characters in it wrong, twice. :)

this is SO COOL. I am a latecomer to harper's online but recently was turned on to it. Extremely THOROUGH investigative reporting.
Still, they're lucky to have you, along the same vein. YEE HAAA !!! That must feel good.

Excellent article--glad to see that you guys are putting the pieces of this story together.

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