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January 23, 2008

Young goth couple wins attention sweepstakes

Medium_maltby012308In the age of the Internet, something as simple as getting kicked off the bus in costume can attract global attention. Well played, kids.


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Take away the costume and they are the perfect Southern Baptist couple.

Eh, may be the most exciting thing that happens to them during this relationship. What's the good of having a freakazoid routine if you can't rub the squares' noses in it and get a slap on the wrist from proper society?

I saw this story passing through and thought, "meh." It looks like one of Nick Denton's wage slaves decided that posting it helped her look busy or something.

Um, ok. Well, I guess as long as she isn't chained out in the back yard in the rain . . .

No reason to get kicked off the bus though.

There was no reason for them to get kicked off the bus. They weren't doing anything harmful or even intrinsically disruptive.

Oh, Lindsay, what's the good of bein' bad if you can't get kicked off the bus? Transgression, to use an antique term, has to generate outcast thrills.

It's important to have intermediate bad.

If everybody just looks the other way, eventually you have to graduate to slashing people's throats to get thrown off the bus.

Ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence?

Someone has been watching too many Charles Bronson movies.

I bet "Kynt" and "Vyxsin" are spinning in their pretend graves!

"They weren't doing anything harmful or even intrinsically disruptive."

Or at all interesting or worthwhile, but they shouldn't have been kicked off the bus. First they came for the excruciatingly tedious, and I did not protest, for I...
O dear, I'm off to a bad start.

I smell law suit...or rather settlement.

Dammit, Trent Reznor, eat something.

BTW, whatever happened to tamagotchis?

joeschmoe, did you mean tamaGOTHis?

no but I should have.

That's hilarious. I love it that a completely botched Goth is a Raver.

Okay, I'm old today, because my response to their transgressive little tableau was: One of those youths is dressed inappropriately for the weather, regardless of where on the planet they are Gothing. Wonder which is seriously uncomfortable. Probably the girl. IBTP.

That's right, if you don't dress for the weather, you're in poor taste! And poor taste is a transgression of the highest order.

This might almost make me believe that sometimes women in their teens are loyal to, deferential toward, and admiring of ornately-dressed rich losers in their 20s to a degree that they might later regret. Almost!

Actually, their fashion/product-line will be coming out soon.

Never really understood the whole dom/sub thing. Was in a bar late one night having one last drink of way-too-many when a pair of women dressed in nothing but an interesting array of leather straps lead some guy in on a leash. They poured a drink on the floor, which he proceeded to lap up. Being drunk and bored I started teasing the guy (threw a swizzle stick & told him to fetch, etc).

Then it occured to me that he was getting off on the abuse and that I had just been totally pwned.

Brautigan - Where is this bar?

Yeah, the dom/sub, s/m, discipline, etc. thing, I never understood either. Life has enough cruelties and humiliations to go around as it is. Then again, who wouldn't enjoy being say, Dick Cheney's dominatrix for a day?

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