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February 22, 2008

FEC says McCain can't drop out of public financing

Before John McCain became the Republican front runner, he signed up for public campaign financing. Now, he wants to out of the program.

Candidates are allowed to quit, provided they haven't already accepted public money.
The thing is, McCain seems to have used the prospect of public money to secure private funding

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - The government's top campaign finance regulator says John McCain can't drop out of the primary election's public financing system until he answers questions about a loan he obtained to kickstart his once faltering presidential campaign.

Federal Election Commission Chairman David Mason, in a letter to McCain this week, said the all-but-certain Republican nominee needs to assure the commission that he did not use the promise of public money to help secure a $4 million line of credit he obtained in November.

In plain English, McCain got the loan by promising a publicly-funded bailout, if anything went wrong. The FEC is not amused.

McCain opted for public financing when his campaign was struggling last summer. Then, when his electoral fortunes rebounded, he told the FEC he wanted out again. 

Rick Hansen of the Election Law blog writes, "Meanwhile, as Marc Schmitt has documented (see here, here, and here), McCain, in applying for a campaign loan, apparently promised to remain a candidate and opt back in to the system in the event his campaign faltered again."

McCain didn't get the public money in his pocket, but he borrowed against the promise of public money. In the eyes of the FEC, benefiting from the prospect of public money may be tantamount to taking the cash.

McCain could be in big trouble if the FEC won't release him from the program. Public financing imposes strict spending and fund raising limits. McCain has already burned through about $46 million, betting on his ability to raise still more money from private donors. 

What a smarmy sleazeball. The McCain of McCain Feingold can't even make it to through the primary without embroiling himself in shady private financing schemes.


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This is going to be good.

So much for the Straight Talk Express.

I assume he'll just ignore the ruling & pay a fine later.

The FEC is not functioning. Bush insists all his nominees must be confirmed enmass or not at all so it is idled. The staff pretends to function but it's a shadow play. As for McCain he just told them to fuck off and why not. They can't touch him.

The more scandals the better. Anything to prevent another idiot from being elected.

The “Straight Talk Express” meets American campaign finance reality head-on.
McCain can’t say he didn’t know what was coming.

oh you are a dumb cunt sometimes. "a smarmy sleazeball"? Eh, whether he's bound or not is probably entering new electoral law, and it's far from clear that he is. and in politics, I'd hardly call his maneuver the sleaziest thing around. How bout leaving a 28 year old women to drown in a car you've driven off of a bridge while you call your lawyer. I'm a Dean Republican, and I hear Kennedy is a good legislator, but that story still astonishes me. Oh, and he's the kind of person who cheats on his university exams. By comparison, I don't think McCain's all that bad. And I usually avoid calling women cunts, but in this case your overweening smugness merits it.

You're a sweetheart, milo.

I hope you weren't hurt at the US Embassy the other day?

So, I guess McCain didn't cheat on his first wife with his second wife, no?

And Milo, if you have any evidence that TK committed manslaughter, then you should take it to the Chapaquidick District Attny., otherwise you are guilty of obstructing justice.

"dumb cunt"?

Guys who use that kind of talk usually fall pretty flat with the ladies. Perhaps we're getting a peek at the source of Milo's frustration & hostility?

Ya think?

Nobody said McCain was sleazy for backing out of the public campaign financing system. It's a hardball business/political decision but it isn't sleazy. He's doing it right out in the open.

If he wins, unlikely, he simply makes sure the FEC stays dead. If he loses everyone forgets the whole thing. In either case whatever penalties if any are written into the law any attempt to enforce them will be turned back by either a circuit court or the Supreme Court. It's a slam dunk.

So much of election campaign law is a huge waste of time and resources. It has nothing to do with a candidate's qualifications for office and merely provides the appearance of propriety. I couldn't care less about McCain's campaign finances...except that's it's great to see him get caught up in the stupid rules he created. I kind of hope he chokes.

is there any meaningful difference between a guy who uses the C word on women and a man who'd leave his date to drown?

i'm not seeing your superiority, milo.

"As for McCain he just told them to fuck off and why not. They can't touch him."

It's an all or nothing move, however. If he loses, he could be investigated when the next administration takes over.

If he does opt out, I hope he is investigated.

According to what I've seen posted, knowlingly violating the spending limits while under public-financing isn't just fines, it's also possible jail time.

And now the (R) chairman of the FEC has officially informed McCain about those limits, so "knowingly" is definitely on the table.

The FEC won't be able to start proceedings in federal court until they get a quorum, but it's a really dumb crook that thinks they're "in the clear" when the prosecutor is on vacation.

Never has "hoist by his own petard" been so sweet.

eh, I thought about this yesterday, and I concluded that the theory of "constructive acceptance" is actually non-sense in this case. He wins easily.

Oh, I rarely use the c word, although I like the English usage of it, with its applicability to all genders. (I'd say both, but I don't want to offend ano of you trans-, etc etc people.) As for girls, eh, I have more than I can handle, honestly. And I am *very* finicky. Nice thing about being in Moscow and Kiev, the average girl here is an 8, and not one of them weighs over 54 kilos. 54 k, or 119 lbs, is considered chunky even.

This is an inside baseball issue, and noone should pretend that it is clear cut.

The more I think about it, the more I think that McCain crossed no lines. He may have come closer to it than he normally does, but he did not cross it.

I thought about this yesterday, and I concluded . . .
The slavophile expat genius has pondered and rendered his decision. The matter is now formally settled.

Oh, I rarely use the c word
Why the euphemism now when you were honest enough to use “cunt” before?

As for girls, eh, I have more than I can handle . . . I am *very* finicky . . . the average girl here is an 8
Milo, this is the reason people suspect you are a sixteen-year-old punk commenting from your mom’s basement. I’m willing to believe you however. It’s probably not too hard to find pretty, barely legal girls in Moscow and Kiev who are intrigued by a foreigner in a suit. The reason these girls don’t drop you like a hot potato is that they don’t know enough English language and American culture to spot a basket case right away.

Go to A Tiny Revolution for more of Milo’s wit and wisdom. His moniker over there is “xyz” and “Milorad”. He’s a law school graduate don’tcha know. He knows what he’s talking about. It’s always interesting to see what sort of sinister clowns can clear professional vetting hurdles like the law school that Milo says he attended. Joseph Goebbels after all got his Ph.D. at Heidleberg, and Radovan Karadžić got his medical degree at Sarajevo University School of Medicine.

Milo, this is the reason people suspect you are a sixteen-year-old punk commenting from your mom’s basement.

My guess is thirteen or fourteen, actually. Sixteen with a massive head injury, maybe.

Milo, of course, "left" this site a few weeks ago, swearing never to return, but he's especially bored (and testy!) this weekend. Mom said he couldn't go over to Billy's to check out his awesome new Wii--no, he has to stay in and study for his stupid old algebra test. But where the hell does Mom get off, anyway? She's not the boss of him, no!

It would all be terribly funny if I didn't have this nagging sense that Milo's got just the right mix of bullying, snot-nosed arrogance, seething resentment, and bottomless sense of entitlement to make a really successful right-wing politician in 30 years' time.

Eh, girls here dig me because I am equally talented at makig them laugh convulsively, and come convulsively. And the ones I go for are often as not philology or Slavic languages profs and grad students, because they especially apreciate my command of Slavic languages.

In plain English, McCain got the loan by promising a publicly-funded bailout, if anything went wrong. The FEC is not amused.

John McCain attempting to use public funds to bail out private loans? Unbelievable!

Also, ignoring the asinine nature of milo's comments, or whether anybody is guilty of manslaughter... Lesley - are you seriously implying that there's no fundamental difference between degrading language and negligent homicide?

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