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March 31, 2008

Introducing: G-Spot

I'm very pleased to announce that longtime progressive blog reader and commenter Kathy G has launched a blog of her own: The G-Spot.

Check out Kathy's writings on politics, economics, feminism, labor, and culture.


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Kathy G

Good luck.

And you've picked a name that won't be hard to remember!

Great. Good for you.

Since Lindsay won't post on the most relevant topic of the day, I will comment here.

Why is the Dem party killing itself?? Do you fools not see what you are doing? Hillary should quit and let Obama take on McCain. This in fighting will serve no one but McCain and the Reps. I am at a loss. The biggest national election is 50 years is upon us and no comment from a self proclaimed liberal.

Or is that you are stuck in your feminist roots Lindsay and you are too proud to admit that Obama has won the day??

Lindsay,thanks so much for linking to me. Quite a few of the hits I got yesterday came from your site. I look forward to linking to you as well.


Hijacking the thread. How horrible of you. That's the worst thing in the universe.

Please stick to the posted topic!!!

(that's not the only political elephant in the room that has not been the topic of a post. Why should Obama's ascendency to the tainted cup of a Democratic Party nomination under these circumstances be any different?

My pleasure, Kathy. I've been looking forward to the launch for a long time.

Now, B-Money, why would you take me for a Hillary supporter? I'm wounded, B.

I'm not writing about the primaries because the outcome has already been determined. Any further attention devoted to further infighting is wasted energy.

I shall invite each of you to the McCain side.

It's a big tent, and you can make your unique contributions. Besides, a majikthise endorsement on this day of the year would be quite excellent.

Shame on me for getting off topic on a thread offering congrats. Boy, better keep it on topic.

LB, I took you for a Hilary supported based on your postings and viewpoints as well as the types of other blogs you support. Many have feminist overtones, as do some of your topics. Sorry if I mis-gauged. And I certainly see your point on why you choose not to post in the subject.

Lots of us did not jump on the Clinton bandwagon, Mr. B. And I think all of us, of whatever gender, ideology, or political preference, have earned a break from the "infighting" Lindsay refers to.

Cass, I never said you jumped on Clinton's wagon. I assumed a lot of registered Dems already were with her a year to 18 months ago. She was THE candidate. If anything, Dems have jumped on the OBAMA wagon. Along with a lot of middle of the road Repubs.

As for the infighting, it is going to continue until the convention. It is a relevant issue. A major one! But if LB chooses to pass on it, so be it. It's her site.

So what now? If Hill ends up the candidate, you're all going to stay home and usher in a 3rd Bush term? Brilliant long term thinking! Not. You guys are playing into the right wing's hands. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Please stop.

No wonder democrats have to kiss corporate ass. Because we the people, can't get our shit together to see beyond our factional noses. And the GOP counts on it. They are just licking their chops. Right, Phantom?

I don't like GOP corporatism any more than you like its manifestations in the Democratic Party

Corporate --and trial lawyer-- influence act to subvert the democracy.

I want to think that John McCain will be different.

We'll see.


The Republicans should take nothing for granted, but I really do see the much trouble ahead for the Democrats due to the infighting that has happened and the infighting one can expect from now till Denver. It is not pretty, and is much worse than the splits that exist in the GOP.

Kathy, Congratulations !!!

Exactly. Now an easy place to find AND remember.


Kathy, well done! Good luck with it.

Elvis for president!

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