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March 28, 2008

More on Efraim Diveroli and Michael Diveroli

Efraim Diveroli, is a fresh-faced 22-year-old arms dealer whose firm, AEY, somehow attracted $300 million in government contracts between 2004 and 2007.

How did Diveroli manage to do business with the federal government on such a massive scale?

Maybe it's a family affair.

Records from the Florida Secretary of State show that Efraim's father, Michael Diveroli, is the manager and registered agent of Worldwide Tactical, LLC, located at 925 41 St. (Ste. 106), Miami Beach, Florida. Diveroli was also the registered agent and president of the now-defunct Advantage Police Supply, LLC, principal office 925 41st St. (Ste. 306).

Efraim Diveroli's company, AEY, gave the same address to the Miami Dade County procurement office.

AEY also provided that address, down to the 306 suite number, when it was awarded a multi-million dollar contract with the Army in 2007.

Michael Diveroli's Worldwide Tactical, LLC has been awarded over a million dollars in federal contracts since 2000, records show. Worldwide Tactical also got an emergency two-year contract in 2006 to supply cots to the State of Louisiana. Worldwide Tactical recently renewed a contract to provide cold weather search and rescue gear for Lincoln/Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Another Michael Diveroli company with headquarters at 925 41st St. (Ste. 106)  is Business Products Depot Corp. Federal procurement records show that AEY is doing business as Business Products Depot Corp.

Let's hope Congress has some questions for Michael Diveroli, too.

(Original reporting by Lindsay Beyerstein, please credit.)

Update: The New York Times reports that Efraim Diveroli worked briefly for his uncle, Bar-Kochba Botach, proprietor of the LA-Based Botach Tactical. Botach is an established firm that has won many federal contracts to supply military and police gear. According to the NYT, Efraim left his uncle's company to strike out on his own as an defense contractor.

Update 2: Michael Diveroli business is even more diversified than I thought. Here's an online ad from Business Products Depot offering a diaper plant for sale: "One of a kind, modern automated diaper-making machine, available for sale. The machinery is in excellent working condition. Includes over 500k in spare parts !!!"

Update 3: Steve Sailer has unearthed some remarkable details about Botach Tactical, which operates out of an unmarked building in South Central Los Angeles.


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I prefer the "Original reporting..." formulation over the previous one.

That said, this looks like a very interesting case. I sincerely hope that we'll see war profiteering investigations ASAP. It looks to me like there have been a lot of hands in the till, and we owe it to ourselves and to our troops to hold the crooks accountable.

this has everything. "america's rabbi". "largest palimony case in american history". wtf are these people??? and how do they get their hands on millions of taxpayer dollars??

Amazing. Straight out of Lords of War. I'm a little bit awed by this kid's chutzpah.

Excellent work, Lindsay. I'm aghast at the lack of oversight in the US government. For bureaucrats to help weasels like this out is just bloody criminal. Someone on the inside is either crooked or lazy or both.

Hmmm. Granted that Diveroli’s MySpace profile is little to go on, one still can’t help but suspect that our boy Efraim might be just a bit outgunned in the IQ department by real arms merchant/pirates like Victor Bout.

This doesn't shock me, but this does disturb me on so many levels.

War profiteering is beyond obscene.

The lax contracting process which would award a contract of such magnitude to someone who has no track record whatsoever.

I am beginning to fell animus for the orthodox community because of what they are doing.

The orthodox community? Who are you? How can you pin this on a group of pple? I grew up with the kid and although he grew up orthodox, he definitely is not now. He is not a genius, he got this contract and others because he had a company and was the lowest bidder. He was being stupid because he has no experience and got in way over his head. That is all this is. There are no geniuses involved, no mass conspiracies/inside jobs. This is about a kid being dumb and our government being even dumber.

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