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March 30, 2008

NYC subpoenas creator of TXTmob

New York City wants to know who used TXTmob during the Republican National Convention in 2004. So, the creator of TXTmob, Tad Hirsh, has been hit with a subpoena. Hirsh's lawyer calls the subpoena "vague and overbroad."[NYT]


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You better believe NYC and any other governments are worried about TXTmob. The ”smart mob” phenomenon doubtless has them wetting themselves. When a million text messages can scuttle a chemical plant in a place as repressive as China or gather a protest in Syrian-controlled Beirut, the authorities are jolted awake.

Expect some serious first amendment wrangling over the next few years. Meanwhile, those of you who are disgruntled, please move to the “free speech zone” and leave your cell phones, blackberries, and laptops at the gate.

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