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March 13, 2008

Taco vendors must pay up to $30K to stay in Red Hook

And now for some ultra-local news:

New York City has decided to let the food vendors return to the Red Hook ball fields, on the condition that they bring their operations up to health codes. The necessary upgrades may cost up to $30,000 per stall.

Some vendors are struggling and opening day at the Ball Fields has been pushed back to allow the others time to get into compliance. [NYDN]


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Have you eaten anything from these vendors?

I have not, but those that I know who have, were happy with the (mostly Latin ) food available there.

I drive past them often enough on the way back from Brooklyn's terrific Fairway (food) market. So if they're up this weekend, I just may check 'em out.

check in spring...

i have eaten from those stands. i am total street food aficianado and i heard about the red hook taco stands years ago.

still, public safety must remain as a paramount concern. although i never heard of anybody getting sick from them.

This is BS. The vendors at the Red Hook ballfields are a great part of (warm weather) life in Brooklyn. I understand the need for some oversight, but $30 K each? Madness. Possibly racially motivated? Certainly class motivated.


Hey stunad. It's not a $30,000 fee to the city. It's the estimated cost for some of bringing the vendors' stands up to code. The code that they have been in violation of. Capiche?

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