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March 31, 2008

David Packouz: AEY, Intelliterran, and Dyna Core Industries

In the next installment of our ongoing series on the AEY scandal, we'll examine the paper trail on the AEY's vice president, David Packouz.

In addition to his position at AEY, David M. Packouz is the president of Intelliteran, a "world class metal commodity trader specializing in metal scrap." Intelliterran's principal place of business is 3150 Sheridan Ave, in Miami Beach, according documents filed with the Florida Secretary of State. Mr. Packouz incorporated Intelliterran in August of 2005, these records show. Very precocious of him, considering Mr. Packouz is only 25 years old today. Intelliterran's listing on the global trade website Alibaba since 1999.

In that Alibaba profile, Intelliterran claims to have 50-100 employees and an annual sales volume of $50-$100 million. Intelliterran's contact person is Mr. David Packouz, who can be reached by phone at 1-305-793-3413, or by fax at 1-305-397-2987. Adam Sofen observes that David uses the 3413 number to promote his services as a masseur on MySpace.

Intelliterran also does business as Dyna Core Industries (Also spelled "DynaCore"), according to its profile on

The Dynacore website is unavailable, but the Google cache gives us a glimpse of Intelliterran dba DynCore, which appears to have billed itself as something altogether more grandiose than AEY:

According to the Google cache of DynaCore's website:

DYNACORE   Industries is a global provider of material and logistical defense solutions.  Our services include procurement, logistics, and custom manufacturing of defense materials. We are a major supplier of critical defense equipment specializing in the production and distribution of custom built and hard-to-find defense related commodities. Using our extensive global network, we assure the speedy delivery of essential defense items to even some of the most operationally difficult regions of the world.  We pride ourselves in our versatility, competitive pricing, world class customer service and highly experienced staff.

We   have successfully supplied critical defense materials to the following   organizations:

  • US   Army
  • US   Air Force
  • US   State Department
  • Afghan   National Army
  • Afghan   National Police
  • Iraqi   Security Forces
  • Iraqi   Police
  • Colombian   National Army
  • Colombian   National Police
  • A   multitude of private companies in the US and abroad

DYNACORE   Industries is fully licensed by the US Government to engage in all aspects of the defense business and is fully compliant with US and international law.

With   a strong legacy and an unmatched track record in procurement and logistics, DYNACORE Industries has successfully performed on some of the most essential, urgent and complex defense logistics and materials contracts. Whatever your defense, security or police requirements may be, you can rely on DYNACORE Industries.

[DynaCore Products]

DYNACORE Industries is one of the world’s leading specialists in the manufacturing and procurement of defense related materials. From the soldier’s uniform, weapon and munitions to the armored vehicle that protects him and his squad, DYNACORE Industries can provide all necessary materials to successfully complete the mission. Coupled with our highly integrated logistics network, DYNACORE Industries provides for the safe and punctual delivery of wide   variety defense related materials worldwide. 

As well as supplying   equipment, DYNACORE Industries also can arrange the sale or disposal of out-dated weapon systems and ammunition.  Whether you need economically advantageous surplus equipment or require newly manufactured equipment, we offer nothing less than the highest quality at the best price. 

Items Supplied/Manufactured   Include:

Individual Equipment

  • Ammunition (NATO / Warsaw   Pact)
  • Small Arms  (NATO / Warsaw   Pact)
  • Weapon Accessories: Magazines,   holsters, cleaning kits, spare parts, etc.
  • Ballistic vests and helmets
  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)
  • Uniforms
  • Cold weather, jungle and desert   clothing
  • Tents, Rucksacks, Sleeping   bags
  • Utility knives
  • Police and Riot gear
  • Communication Equipment
  • Navigation Equipment

Vehicles and Aircraft

  • Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Tanks
  • Amphibious Vehicles
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • All types of spare and specialty   vehicle/aircraft parts

Please Note: We are constantly updating and expanding our product range. If you are interested in a product that is not listed here, please contact us at for further information regarding availability and specifications.

[Contact Us]

DYNACORE Industries
            4045 Sheridan Ave #331
            Miami Beach, FL  33140
            United States of America
TEL: +1-305-600-2235
            FAX: +1-305-397-2987

URL address: 
  General Information

A local telephone directory for Miami Beach has a listing for DYNACORE INDUSTRIES at 3150 Sheridan Ave, Miami Beach, Florida.

Notice that Dynacore claims to have many of the same clients as AEY, including the Afghan National Police and the US State Department. (DynaCore Industries should not be confused with well-known private security firm DynCorp, a totally separate entity.)

Dynacore's websites are no longer available, but the usage statistics for are still available. Here's the current WHOIS data for the domains and If anyone has access to historical WHOIS for these domains, please send me an email, or post in the comments below.

The house on Sheridan Avenue is a veritable hub of commercial activity. SSN, Inc. also lists 3150 Sheridan as its primary address. The president and registered agent of SSN is Elimelech Packouz, David Packouz's younger brother.

Eli Packouz celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in 2004, according to his father's website. So, Eli is about 17 today.  SSN was registered with the Secretary of State in mid-2007. So, we seem to have a lot of very young entrepreneurs in AEY's orbit, not just 22-year-old AEY president Efraim Diveroli.

The house itself is a single family residence owned by Kenneth M Packouz and Rhonda W Packouz. The elder Packouzes use the their two-story single family home as an address for several non-profit ventures. We can assume the Packouzes also live there because they claim a $25,000 homestead exemption on their Miami Dade County property taxes.

More on the Packouzes philanthropic ventures later.

(Original reporting. Please credit Lindsay Beyerstein.)


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