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April 25, 2008

GOP candidate bemoans "great porn dragon" and its "influence over Jews"

Indiana Republican Tony Zirckle was criticized for addressing a local Nazi club on Hitler's birthday.

Zirckle, who seeks to represent Indiana's 2nd district in the US House of Representatives, posted fired back on his website:

I’ve been getting a flood of e-mails and phone calls, some of which include death threats, about my attempt to raise awareness of how the great porn dragon inspires Jews into pornography and prostitution and then, like the snake he is, turns the public against the Jews. Some have questioned whether there is any link to Jews and porn-prostitution. […]

Unfortunately, those Web sites are just a small fraction of evidence you can find on a Google search of combinations of “Jews” “pornography” “sex slavery” “Israel” and “prostitution.” Let’s save our Jewish brothers and sisters from this tyrant king porn dragon before we get to another world-wide pogrom.

[HT: Think Progress]


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Hmmm. Indiana is right next to Illinois. Obama had better denounce, renounce, eschew, condemn, and repudiate this guy, or Regular Americans are going to start to wonder just what he stands for.

What a sad situation. I blame Amanda Marcotte.

The man can toss a word salad. Hey, you're a journalist - maybe you could ask him what he thinks of Charlotte Rampling's jugs in the Nazi-outfit dance in the Night Porter. That'd be awesome.

The stupid... it burns.

What with Rick Santorum, Bob Barr, and Jesse Helms gone Congress needs some new clowns. I can't wait to watch c-span's floor debate coverage of Rep. Zirckle's "derringers for dildos" bill.

"tyrant king porn dragon"


Aiaiai! All hail the Great Porn Dragon!

"when the red, red robin goes bob, bob, bobbin' along."

Let’s save our Jewish brothers and sisters from this tyrant king porn dragon before we get to another world-wide pogrom.

On behalf of all of Indiana, I would like to apologize for inflicting this...this stupid upon the intertubes. gotta admit, this guy could be a comedy gold mine. I mean he said that he DIDN'T KNOW ENOUGH about the group he was speaking in front of. And he said that they weren't Nazis, they called themselves the "American National Socialist Workers Party".

I am very glad that the Republican party are revealing their ties to the Nazi Party.
I guess most here are awate that this was Hitler's same obsession. The sexual obsession with and then hatred of the Jews. His own sexual obsessions and dismal luck with same (taken from his meinkampf)
Here locally and online I note that many Jewish 'converts' are really just agents of hate, pain and warmongering. They wave the Israeli flag around and promote hatred.
My Grandpa's best friend and biz partner (for decades) was Jewish and ... one of the finest folks I've ever had occasion to know. Very similar to my Gramps.
What I'm saying is that these agents of hate and anger have infiltrated every possible venue.
You go into the local Jewish family center and they are selling war bonds. They are holding up the good Jewish name and promoting their own hatred behind this.
I watched (albeit from a distance) the same thing happening in the local Dem party. Local churches. Etc.
I know this is a bit off-topic but through awareness I hope others note this same false hatred and fake Jews and other fakes, of course, and how they are leading the charge of hatred and anger behind these fronts. Perhaps you can help stem these hateful acts in your own community.
Through reading arthur schlesinger's journals and the rise and fall of the third reich along with the recent disclosures on the bobby kennedy assassination you discover that he and his brother made REAL ENEMIES in the New American Nazy party.
This makes perfect sense because one family is just not that unlucky considering that jfk jr's death was pretty mysterious.
I produced a segment of a debate between some different factions here in Tampa and by far the gentleman who came from the Jewish Community center was the most venomous. No one else on the panel displayed this same anger (veins actually bulging)
I just don't think the man was genuinely Jewish.
These agents of hatred and change alit in every community and worked their way into being spokesmodels and then start a furor of one sort or another.
It's part of plan.
I had never EVER seen a swastika in my life. Locally, in the last several years I've seen men with these extremely wide swastikas. They're not pleasant folks. They're not bikers, either.
I've heard, but do not know for a fact that the wider they have the swastika emblazoned the higher their murder tally is.
These people are walking openly among us. It makes perfect sense that they are also infilrating.
It's a big ugly picture and awareness is my goal.
I want to know what else others are seeing.

Oh and today I saw a symbol for NY .. you know the regular new york team symbol pictified in many ways???
Today I saw it on a bumper license plate and it had been stretched and turned into something VERY CLOSELY resembling a swastika. I did not get a photo. Busy street.
The other day I saw a HEIL tag ... got a photo of that one.
Thanks, George.
I guess we'll fight these bastards forever.

What the?!

Shrimplate. I'd have loved to get the picture.
Didn't even realize until I made this comment that I was on Frankland Rd and the truck (at the time) was passing by George Steinbrenner's house.
NO. I am NOT kidding. Not jesting in any manner whatsoever.
I wish I had pulled over (it's a wide street) to see if the person had business there.
Strange science, no?
I'll see it again.
I always do.

I wonder when George Stephanopolis (sp?) will ask McCain to answer for his fellow Republican?

Next time I order Chinese for dinner, I'm definitely getting the Tyrant King Porn Dragon.

The delusions of people like Zirckle are one more crime to add to Hitler's tally.

But then, so are the delusions of people like voxy.

Ahhh but replacing those 'delusions' with the hard proof of photos and video is so easy to do.
Stay tuned, darlin'.

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