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April 10, 2008

McCain kicked off board of Project Vote Smart

Mojo blog reports that Project Votes Smart kicked John McCain off its board of directors for refusing to answer the organization's Political Courage Questionnaire:

Project Vote Smart, the nonpartisan voter-education nonprofit, confirms today that it has kicked John McCain off its board. Mother Jones reported on Monday that PVS was prepared to make the move due to McCain's nine-month refusal to fill out its Political Courage Test. According to PVS President Richard Kimball, the nonprofit has a rule that bars nonrespondents from serving on its board. [MJB]

Sounds like a pretty fair rule to me. If you want to serve on the board, you have to participate.

PVS had been trying to get McCain to fill out the survey since last June. After at least 16 phone calls, 8 emails, and a couple personal entreaties from the group's president Richard Kimball, PVS gave up. The board voted McCain out on April 8.

The ironic thing is that McCain never refused outright, he just kept brushing off the organization on whose board he served since the 1990s. If he didn't want to fill out the questionnaire, fine. Barack and Hillary aren't participating, either.

Evidently McCain lacked the political courage to say no to his friends and colleagues at Project Vote Smart. That says more about him than any answers he might have given on the test.


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Totally off topic, but right now I would love to be able to post at Feministe. I'm itching to get banned a fourth time. As it is I can only make popcorn and watch the semi-annual blogstorm clusterfuck.

But he's a manly maverick! What more does anyone need to know?

Thanks for keeping US updated with news about John McCain. That's definitely interesting news about John McCain the sad thing is that it takes blogs about John McCain to get that news out, that blogs are frequently doing a better job than mainstream news outlets is more than sad.

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