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April 15, 2008

Recommended reading

Gawker media divests itself of Wonkette "based on the economy, lack of advertising, and his desire to get lean before the blogosphere implodes." [LAT]

Corporate spies target activist groups. [PR Watch]

NYPD settles lawsuit over RNC protest tactics, agrees to reforms. [AP]

Dallas VA closes psychiatric ward after fourth vet suicide. [Think Progress]

New York Times anticipates layoffs. [Romenesko]

Roy Edroso profiles leading lights of the Right Wing Blogosphere. [Village Voice]

Botox might penetrate the brain after all. [Newsweek]


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"The FDA's Katz said that people getting Botox for cosmetic reasons should "make their own personal best judgment about this" and "be aware that there's the potential for" the neurotoxin to spread."

No problemo. Just get yourself a pharmacology degree and you should be well equipped to make your own personal best judgment about any drug.

Wonkette isn't smart and it isn't funny - am surprised if found a buyer

NY Times-- I am very concerned about the future of it and of all newspapers. Even in a rising economy, they were facing decline in advertising, and in numbers of young readers. In an economic downturn, there will be many casualties.

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