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May 02, 2008

1970s Cocktail Spread

1970s Cocktail Spread, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

Inspired by the Sunset Magazine cookbook I had as a kid.


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I'd say you captured the '70s Sunset aesthetic perfectly. I recently had the occasion to do a food shoot with the inestimable Bill Sumner, and he alternated between this very flat, 3-point-with-key-look and lighting exclusively with backlight (from a very great distance), which really achieved the currently in-vogue look (e.g., Food & Wine).

I collect food imagery. The stuff from the forties and fifties is hilarious.

I think my mother had that same cookbook. And while I agree with Brautigan you capture the look perfectly, I couldn't begin (unlike him or her) to explain why.

Brie, by the way, was quite a big deal on your 1970s table.

"I collect food imagery. The stuff from the forties and fifties is hilarious."

When its not actively horrifying. The flip side though is that cows actually ate grass back then (as opposed to other cows) and what we now call "organic produce" was then, simply, "produce".

1970s? Except for the cherry-tomato-on-toothpicks thing in the foreground, it looks a lot like the spreads my sweetie and I put out for our monthly salon. (Maybe that means we're dinosaurs.)

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