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May 02, 2008

Balsamic strawberries with honey and black pepper

I devised this presentation based on something I saw on a menu in a tapas restaurant. Steeping strawberries in balsamic vinegar is an old food science trick--it makes the berries redder and it tastes good.

It's a fun sweet-savory combination that works well as an appetizer.

It's not really a recipe. Hull the strawberries, pour balsamic vinegar into the serving dish (just enough to wet the bottom of the dish). Arrange the strawberries with the cut sides down. Drizzle honey over the berries. Top with a few twists of freshly ground black pepper.

Reserve the macerated strawberry vinegar to make vinaigrette.


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MmmmmMMM! We just bought a bunch of strawberries tonight, and light whipped cream to pour over them. But I never would have considered the idea of basalmic vinegar and black pepper!

Damn, but I love strawberry season.

i love food porn.

Serve with Marscapone cheese.

Trust me on this.

There is THIS little wrinkle to the lovely, honey-topped peaks:

"Bridget Stutchbury, an ornithologist and professor at York University in Toronto, said: "With spring we take it for granted that the sound of the songbirds will fill the air with their cheerful sounds. But each year, as we continue to demand out-of-season fruits and vegetables, fewer and fewer songbirds will return."

It's happening here- this Spring. The decibel level is about 1/3 what "May at nesting season has historically been, for the 20-odd years that I've been listening at dawn... and the population is strongly skewed to robins- a "success" story in these days of winners (crows, starlings, geese) and losers (song sparrows, other thrush spp, etc). It's definitely something that Foodies need to consider... and address crewatively (& I hope we will)... chow ^..^

Strawberries are in season.

This sounds really delicious. The other day, I made a quick salad out of diced watermelon and balsamic vinegar, basil and manchego cheese. The dish definitely needs some work, but the combination of fruit and balsamic vinegar is a keeper.

What a great idea. I'm on it.

Also - don't you think it's about time you updated your blog photo? I mean, Johnny Cash is cool and all, but you're a photographer, right? How much trouble could it be? :-)

inkybrain: Reminds me of an Alton Brown recipe you might want to try:

Hot Melon Salad

Lindsay -- I made these tonight. Yummmmm...

Try this watermelon curry, you'll like it. (I saw it in the latimes food section several years ago.)

We tried this out yesterday for a gathering of friends, and it was fabulous! Thanks!

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