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May 05, 2008

Bernie Kerik focused on busting Baghdad brothels

I always wondered what former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik did as a security consultant in Iraq...

Iraqi vice, according to General Ricardo Sanchez, who recalls that Kerik was more interested in raids to "liberate" prostitutes in Baghdad's brothels than in training the Iraqi police.

In other Iraq news, plans are afoot to construct a $700 million zone of influence around the US Embassy in Baghdad. A massive "American-style" amusement park and zoo is already under construction. 


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"You don't speak *any* English?"

"No English."

"I would like to dip my bald head in oil and rub it all over your body."

I hope Bernie at least envisioned a humane method of execution for his women in distress, to save them the likely alternatives of either starving to death or being murdered by their fathers.

I saw the term "American style amusement park" and all I could think of was Randy Newman's song, "Political Science."

So if Kerik sought to rescue the girls I guess we can assume that given the circumstances and conditions in Iraq, and an unemployed prostitute’s chances there, he got them all (or at least the prettier ones) visas to the United States?

As for the zoo; let’s see, my guess is that the developer, Llewellyn Werner has a deep and abiding interest in what a modern zoo’s mission ought to be: conservation, research, and education. They’ll probably focus on conservation of Iraqi wildlife, which needs all the help it can get. I’m sure we’re all agreed that we’re very glad to see this kind of selfless dedication on Mr. Werner’s part. I’m also quite sure that base venal motives have nothing to do with this.

I heard he likes to use his "bunker buster."

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