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May 08, 2008

Confronting Wizardofascism

General J.C. Christian salutes the Florida school superintendent who fired a teacher for doing magic tricks. The teacher's sleight of hand was labeled "wizardry."


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I wonder if he is one of the school superintendents with a massive salary.

I've long maintained that instead of paying huge salaries to school superintendents, they should just offer a math teacher in that district a small raise to do the job.

I don't see how you can claim a victory against wizardofascism while Harry Potter remains free. He is no doubt plotting some devilment with Al Qaeda and the rest of his fellow demon worshipers at Hogwarts while most people remain in blissful ignorance of the impending danger. So long as the Hogwarts School remains open, we can expect the cancer of wizardry to grow and to continue to infect our children. This is nothing a few smart bombs wouldn't cure, but they'd have to be pretty smart to defeat a wizard.

how far are we from witch trials here? are we even going in the right direction?

This post of Sister Novena's is a funny, or stupefying, encounter that shows its not those who do magic but those believe it can be done that pollute the sanity of the nation.

Makes me wonder if feats that are commonly called magic are even possible in the hands of one who believes physical laws can be suspended by will.
The biggest part of the illusion is the things the magician SAYS while performing...they talk as if they believe while doing what they cannot believe.

I hope the teacher finds a job somewhere on the other side of 1600AD for a change.

Wait! Isn't there a sprawling "magic kingdom" right in the middle of FL? When do you suppose hostilities will break out? [the image of mobs with torches, pitchforks and crucifixes smashing the gates and vandalizing the place fills me with glee for some reason]

In other news, a child's bachelor uncle was burned at the stake for magically pulling a quarter from the child's ear.

Please tell me that the story on Fox News was some sort of extremely late April Fools joke. Please. I'm looking at the calendar and it says 2008, not 1008.

I am not clicking that link.

There is no way this is real.

On the off chance that it is, I think by clicking it I would get suicidal tendencies.

Boy do I smell lawsuit.

In my day this was called entertainment. Now it's called evil.

Ringling Bros. and other circuses virtually torture captive wildlife to amuse dullards and ignoramuses. I would call that evil. But no, it's some guy doing a card trick. The world is frickin' mad.

Someone needs to explain to that superintendant that MAGIC IS JUST A TRICK.

Clarification for JS: the man was actually burned not for doing magic tricks but for being a "bachelor uncle" who touched a child.

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