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May 10, 2008

McCain's Mother's Day ad: 27 bottles of scotch at the club

John McCain and his mother discuss the weekend Johnnie was born, lo these many years ago. His mom says the Boys at the Club bought 27 bottles of scotch to celebrate the blessed event.

Now I've got the song stuck in my head: 27 bottles of Scotch at the club, 27 bottles of Scotch, take one down, pass it around...

[HT: Sadly, No]


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27 bottles of scotch. That would probably have been tax-free booze purchased at the Coco Solo naval base in the Canal Zone where he was born. Even so, it bespeaks a kind of privilege most the rest of us are not born into.

I guess this is to try and counter John McSame = 72 = old. She had him at 24, so she's 96.

At current-day prices, 27 bottles of good but not great scotch would run around $1,500 at the liquor store, three or four times that by the drink. That's quite a bar tab.

These people celebrate like George W before he found Jesus!

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