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June 10, 2008

Bush fired Rove in church

George Bush fired Karl Rove in church, according to a new book by former TIME reporter Paul Alexander. (Via folo.)


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Was the priest involved? Did he have to use the bell, book, and candle?


Reading this story I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Alan Bostick's post, above, suggests he's probably still laughing. You opening phrase, "George Bush fired Karl Rove in church" is hilarious on its face. So is the title of the article to which you link at, "Bush confronted Rove’s sins in church."

Now for the crying.

There is no way to know exactly what George "The Junior" was thinking, and why he chose Sunday at Church for the time and place of delivering a pink slip to Karl "The Raging". The following is my personal assessment on what this says about George “The Jovial” as a leader, notwithstanding the fact that he is the President of the United States and the titular leader of the Western world.

The most frequently used methods, that I have seen, for firing a high ranking political appointee are these three:

1. All staff are asked to submit their resignations so that the President can exercise his discretion, maximally, in the interests of his policies and administration. Nixon did this before starting his second term of office. I think this is probably a very good practice and allows the President to shape his administration as he sees fit – as well he should.

2. The President sends a close aide to deliver the bad news to the party recently fallen from grace, and a resignation is requested. It's a request that can't be refused. The messenger explains the circumstances and offers some consideration, usually, for whatever good work and loyal service had been rendered.

3. The President has a personal one-on-one with the individual and the outcome is the voluntary resignation of someone with whom the President had a long and close relationship. The two agree to swear eternal loyalty, gratitude, and love for each other when they must appear before the press, along with deep regrets expressed by both. The departing soul makes it clear this self initiated resignation arises purely out of concern for the President.

George “The Lesser” invented a new category. Actually, it's a variation on number 3, so let's call it 3A.

Let's go back to laughing for a moment.

3A. George “The Decider”, decides there is a reason why Karl has earned the sobriquet, “The Raging”. So he decides to 'handle' Karl in the only venue where Karl would be too controlled to demonstrate how he earned his moniker. Assuming Laura was present, Karl would have to be polite, if not obsequious. Is there any doubt that Laura was part of the plan, if not a contingency if Karl forgot where he was and with whom he was praying and begging forgiveness for all his transgressions? Let's not forget the presence of all the other sinful worshipers and the omnipresence of the One who matters most of all.

Okay, let's go back to crying.

George "The 43rd"'s protestations about being “The Decider” reminded me of Nixon's constant need to remind the American people, “I am, after all, the President.” You wouldn't hear this in a prepared speech, only in news conferences or other unstructured settings. Of course, he was the President, but his protesting too much bared an underlying insecurity in what he believed about himself. The public were not so forgetful that they had to be reminded of his title and all that came with it.

Of all the nick names that one might heap upon Dubya, whether as derision or endearment, the most apt would be, “The Afraid.”

Wow. The article suggests that Bush was afraid of Rove going off the deep end upon hearing the news. If true, that speaks volumes about both men and their relationship.

This is like a scene from a mafia movie or something.

The Don, told his righthand in church that he is to die.

That's absurd. Karl Rove can't enter a church.

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