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June 24, 2008

Liberals "deselected" for plum jobs at DOJ, report finds

The DOJ excluded prospective hires for being liberal, according to a joint report released today by two oversight agencies within the Justice Department.


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When I worked in Pennsyltucky government, my supervisor tried to hire all the Christianists he could. Credentials be damned, only evangelicals or fundamentalists were considered. Between him and his boss, also a Xtian, there was a lot of effort to find, recruit, and hire religiocrazies.

wait, does this mean regent university isn't the top law school in the country? who could have predicted?

The next time there's a GOP president or congress, look for efforts to shut down the Office Of Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice. These people are nothing if not vindictive.

We should be skeptical of this story because it does, in fact, so perfectly fit the Bush pattern that we may be tempted to see what we reasonably expect to see.

Example. Everybody in DC "knows" that the Metrorail didn't make it into the tony, exclusive neighborhood of Georgetown due to racist and class-conscious NIMBYism by the locals there. Now that neighborhood is considered extremely "white" (historically it was actually African-American to some extent, but I digress) and is very wealthy. And it's fair to say that the same sense of "not our kind, dear" that has inhabited other regions of Patrician Caucasia is known there as well. (Example: BS police stops for walking while black.)

But the Metro did not open a stop in Georgetown not because of class consciousness or racism, but because of engineering. Georgetown is mostly on a sharp grade approaching the Potomac River, and the Metro would have had to made an impossible left turn AND nasty grade down AND back up again in a manner better suited for Six Flags thrill rides than for soundly-engineered public transit infrastructure. But the myth won't die.

This story about the DOJ sounds just perfectly Bush, perfectly Gonzales. Which is I remain skeptical.

BushCo has been doing this with executive branch agencies having anything to do with science all the while (don't bother them with facts, they make their own facts), why shouldn't they do the same with justice?

With science it's getting to be a GOP tradition: Reagan appointing James Watt and Anne Gorsuch Burford, respectively to the Dept. of Interior and the EPA, visionary genius Newt Gingrich's congress scuttling their own Office of Technology Assessment, etc., etc.

Given the paucity of adequate instruction found in most religio-crazy schools,the graduates have been fortunate to find employment as day laborers. After spending thousands of dollars to purchase little boys for Dobson, these folks are irate that the Man won't give them their due. Instead of going to a real college and discovering just how unlettered they truly are, they choose to infiltrate the Civil Service and hire the equally unqualified.

Placing moles in government is what they do. Remember your history? Think KKK and how it took federal intervention to force the South to grow up. Every office from local school board to Governor was infested with... evangelicals/fundamentalists...oops...KKK. Look to the Dover mess. Only the intervention of concerned parents and teachers, who wanted the children to have real educations, prevented the complete dumbing-down of the curricula.

This was pervasive at Justice from day one. But will come out that it was the norm at almost all departments of government. Being one of the worst kept secrets of the bush regime, it is astounding it took this long to "break out".

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