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June 08, 2008

Not your grandfather's campaign button... Elections in the age of Etsy

Obama_necklaceThis is the first presidential race in the age of Etsy--an online marketplace for handmade goods.

Election memorabilia will never be the same. It's not just buttons and bumperstickers anymore.

Besides the traditional campaign paraphenalia like t-shirts and pins, Etsyphiles are offering Obama-themed doll clothes, "hope on a rope" soap, 3D fridge magnets, votive candles, and plush toys.

Suffice it to say that John McCain has an Etsy gap. A site search yields 46 hits for "McCain" compared to 534 for "Obama." You can get your very own crocheted McCain--pins not included.

[Image: Obama icon pendant, by SilverCoccon at Etsy.]


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Perhaps someone will create a line of Barack and Michelle Obama dolls that do the dap. They'd sell great!

Presidential campaigns in the global internets age will definitely be different. They already are, to wit: youtube videos. On the subject of Obama, from the Caribbean we get one of the Mighty Sparrow's topical musical essays and a reggae paean from Coco Tea, and from India or somewhere in the Indian diaspora we get a bizarre bhangra/Bollywood Barack video.

I love that necklace. I truly wish I loved the candidate as much! I'd feel like a hypocrite if I wore it :(

We need to design a body jewelry ear plug with that as the logo. Obama for President!

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