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June 23, 2008

Pentagon employees glued to single-malt cam for national security reasons

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency has taken a keen interest in the webcam of a Scottish distillery, allegedly because the single-malt distillation is a lot like chemical weapons production, Sharon Weinberger reports:

Weapons inspectors may not have found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they are closely watching operations at a Scottish distillery. 

Bruichladdich Distillery Company, which makes single-malt whiskey and allows Internet users to monitor its distillery via webcam, has found that a Pentagon agency has taken an out-sized interest in its operations. It turns out the Defense Threat Reduction Agency was closely watching its operations. "The distillery discovered the additional interest after the DTRA emailed to complain that the distillery’s webcam was out of action," Computing, a U.K. publication reports. "When Bruichladdich asked why the agency was interested in a distillery in a remote Scottish location, the agency said that the process of manufacturing chemical weapons and distilling whiskey were very similar so it was using the Bruichladdich web site to train its operatives." [Danger Room]

Sure, sure.


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The coolest thing about Bruichladdich, however, is the fact that its name is a way to monitor yourself for overindulgence in the product. If you can still say the name, you're sober.

It's whisky. Irish is spelled whiskey. Scotch is spelled whisky. Everything else is spelled not-worth-drinking.

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