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July 02, 2008

DC Journalist Brian Beutler shot by mugger

Best wishes to my friend and colleague Brian Beutler of the Media Consortium who is recovering in hospital after sustaining three gunshot wounds during an apparent mugging in the Adams Morgan section of Washington, D.C.. Thankfully, Brian's doctors expect him to make a full recovery.


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Three shots? Damn. Once we've got the guy's wallet isn't our work pretty much done here?

I hope that soon this incident is nothing more than an interesting story for Mr. Beutler to tell.

Yikes! I go to that neighborhood all the time! What happened?

I just read that his spleen had to be removed. If anyone's wondering about that, losing a spleen is no big deal. I fell out a second floor window when I was two and a half, and had to have mine--it ruptured--removed.

And thus, a neo-con is born.

I don't like to bring this up but I have to wonder if this is the same area where the 'mugging' of David Rosenbaum (only journalist who really understood social security) occurred. He was left to die on the sidewalk by the paramedics and the DC fire dept and police. Yes, it's so. Yes, they murdered him. Amazing coincidence, no?
Actually they did tarry him over to the hospital and let him die there on a gurney but the actual murder was processed before that. They knew who he was.
At any rate .... I am SO VERY GLAD that your friend is okay.
Journalists are at a premium. We should offer them better protection.
Seeing as that will never happen they should be aware of their surroundings and aware that it's possible their lives are not as valuable to some as others.
Sorry to seem like this but locally in Tampa we've lost over half our journalists in less than five years. Replaced by propagandists. If they haven't been murdered or died of one of the top three local killer diseases they've been compromised in another fashion. *DUI, child arrested, wife arrested, arrested for this or that .... * I'm not saying journalists shouldn't be arrested just like other folks I'm saying that there is way too high a percentage for it to be statistically anything other than VERY OBVIOUS they're being silenced.
Okay, I'm done.

Take care lovely friend of Lindsay's ... yall watch your asses til we get the madman out of there and clear the way for some real justice in america again.

Hopefully now after Heller v DC Brian will keep a gun on himself for his safety.

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