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July 11, 2008

Karl Rove flees the country

Karl Rove was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. He didn't show. Not only that, the Committee was told that Rove had left the country on a "long scheduled" trip.

In this video clip, subcommittee chair Rep. Linda Sanchez explains that Rove never told them about any trip.


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Not to worry. I'm sure the Democrats will issue a very sternly worded letter, and then everything will be OK again.

i wish they would just arrest him.

I guess it's too much to hope for that the "long trip" would be to The Hague.

Choice #2 would be the Mariana Trench.

i wish you would flee the country also but please never return...

i wish you would flee the country also but please never return...

i wish you would flee the country also but please never return...

Lawmakers subpoenaed Mr Rove to attend the hearing, but he has refused, citing executive privilege.

The president and those who work for him are allowed by law to resist certain attempts by the judicial and legislative branches of government to force them to co-operate with inquiries - this right is known as "executive privilege".

lol I can't believe that, (so thanks for verifying)
Add to the list of Bush admins that have a criminal history

I need to start reading your articles more

How do I go about getting my website on your awesome list of websites on the right hand side?

Considering Rove's complicity in essentially all of BushCo's gangster activities, couldn't he be arrested in a foreign country, a la Pinochet in England in 1998?

Karl Rove is a private citizen, so why would the quaint, kingly, and archaic notions of "executive priviledge" apply?

Oh. I forgot. We live in a monarchy now.

I am an American journalist based in Kyiv. On July 10 to 12, Karl Rove was in Yalta, Ukraine for the annual Yalta European Strategy Conference hosted by Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk. On the morning of July 12, Rove participated in a discussion on how the U.S. presidential elections would affect U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine. When I approached Rove to ask him some questions that afternoon, he declined to speak with me, referring me to the event staff.

Perhaps Karl went to Ukraine to enjoy a unique shopping experience at the seventh kilometer market.

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