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July 25, 2008

Lessons from the Gipper: Arm terrorists. What could possibly go wrong?

GippersmekThe General points to Hersh's latest on possible McCain/Bush war on Iran.

The Double or Nothing Doctrine is alive and well.


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Just so you know, it was Jimmy Carter who first supported the mujahedin in Afghanistan.

I recently discovered that the UK Conservatives are in bed with MEK too. What is David Cameron planning with Iran when he comes into power?


Please don't interfere with the talking points by introducing facts into the discussion!

The Soviets invaded in 1979, at the very end of Carter's term. The vast majority of the billions of dollars the US spent on the Mujahadeen were infused under Reagan, between 1981 and 1985. See Steve Coll's masterful Ghost Wars for a history.

From the lefty Counterpunch:

"The Carter Presidency (and not Reagan) was responsible for the organization, financing, training of the Islamic uprising and the terror campaign which followed. Zbig Brzesinski later wrote of the US--Afghanistan campaign as one of the high points in US Cold War diplomacy--it provoked Soviet intervention on behalf of the secular Afghan ally. Even when confronted with the consequences of the total devastation of Afghanistan, the rise of the Taliban and Al Queda and 9/11, Carter's former National Security Adviser, Brzesinski replied that these were marginal costs in comparison with a war which successfully hastened the fall of the Soviet Union. President Carter's intervention in Afghanistan initiated the Second Cold War, which was pursued with even greater intensity by Reagan. Carter backed a series of surrogate wars in Angola, Mozambique, Central American, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Carter was clearly an advocate and practitioner of the worst kind of imperial intervention and a master of public relations: he was an early practitioner of "Humanitarian Imperialism"--humane in rhetoric and brutally imperialist in practice."

So we agree. Carter started it, but Reagan massively escalated the program and sustained it for most of its existence.

Reagan also blew his chance to negotiate an end to the Soviet occupation and became Bin Laden's kingmaker in the process. He also approved the brilliant idea of giving the Mujahadeen stinger missiles.

Obama has chosen Zbigniew Brzezinski as a top foreign policy advisor.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is responsible for starting the war in Afghanistan which led to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

There is no accountablity for foreign policy advisors.

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