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July 23, 2008

Political prisoner needs help to visit dying wife

Paul Minor used to be a successful plaintiff's attorney and a major Democratic donor in the state of Mississippi. Minor was Haley Barbour's bete noire.

My colleagues at Raw Story have been covering Minor's case for several months. All signs point to a political prosecution by a Republican-allied U.S. Attorney.

Now, Minor's in jail awaiting appeal while his wife, Sylvia, is dying of cancer. The court won't grant him a furlough, even though his conviction is widely expected to be overturned.

Larisa Alexandrovna writes:

"(Former Alabama Governor) Don Siegelman is out now, but others are not, including Paul Minor. His wife is dying of cancer and he cannot even get out on an appeal bond (just like Siegelman). I ask that you try to help Paul Minor the way you have so kindly been helping Don Siegelman. If you have the time, please write a letter of support to Mr. Minor, who is in prison because of his politics and whose life has been destroyed simply because Karl Rove targeted him. While Mr. Rove is refusing to testify, Mrs. Minor is in the last stages of her illness. So time is of the essence. Congress is dragging its feet, but they can put pressure on the court to release Minor on appeal bond while they investigate these political prosecutions. She should not have to die alone and he should not have to know his wife is dying alone, while he sits in prison for being a Democrat. I know you think this may not concern you, but it does. It might be you in jail one day and who then will speak for you? I have reported on this long enough and collected enough evidence to know that these political prisoners are just that and from all walks of life, including everyday citizens who happened to commit the crime of peacefully protesting the Iraq war.

Larisa is asking concerned citizens to write letters of support for Minor. Find out how you can help.


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I am a bit confused. The address given at the link is to write to Mr. Minor. While I certainly wish to support his effort to see his wife, wouldn't an address for those keeping him incarcerated be more effective?

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Minor's lawyers are collecting the letters in order to publicize them? I'll ask Larisa what she has in mind.

well I saved the link because I am hoping to help. Let us know

Sweet Jesus these assholes are evil. I am extremely angry with the Democrats for failing to take decisive steps to undo the damage they've caused.

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