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August 28, 2008

Bill Clinton and the Crowd at the Pepsi Center


Bill Clinton delivered a barn burner of a speech at the Pepsi Center last night.


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"The Daily Howler" reviews Maureen Dowd's utterly-wrong prediction that Hillary and Bill Clinton would try to stir up trouble at the convention.

Maureen Dowd wrote:
...Hillary was busy planning her convention.

You can almost hear her mind whirring: She’s amazed at how easy it was to snatch Denver away from the Obama saps. Like taking candy from a baby, except Beanpole Guy doesn’t eat candy. In just a couple of weeks, Bill and Hill were able to drag No Drama Obama into a swamp of Clinton drama.

Now they’ve made Barry’s convention all about them—their dissatisfaction and revisionism and barely disguised desire to see him fail.

If there were any accountablitiy for pundits, then the NY Times would tell Maureen Dowd to resign.

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